30 Sep 2013
Kernel for SharePoint Recovery Updated Version 13.09.01 launched Updated

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd announces the release of updated version of Kernel for SharePoint Recovery Software. The new improved version 13.09.01 now provides auto-select option for SQL Database Version in Raw Recovery mode. Previously users needed to choose the SQL version but the software can now automatically detect the version. Also, software algorithms have been modified for quicker and comprehensive repair.

19 Oct 2011

Kernel for SharePoint version 11.10.01 is now available

Kernel for SharePoint version 11.10.01 has been launched. Updated version of the software allow user to see the preview of documents and support sharepoint 2010 and sql 2008 r2.

21 April 2009
Kernel for SharePoint Server Launched New

To perform document recovery from MS SharePoint Server, Kernel for SharePoint Server has been launched for sharepoint administrators. A boon for every user of MS SharePoint Server whose documents or websites have been lost due to lost document libraries, accidental deletion of document on WSS Websites, inaccessible backups, and server downtime. Now sharepoint users can easily restore and recover documents for MDF sharepoint database with Kernel for SharePoint Server.