Office 365 evolution is a very important one in today’s digital environment. Accessing and working on the saved data online is a virtue for the business world. Its advent in the year 2011 by Microsoft has proved a greatest invention in the software world till date. The provided cloud environment secures all the data and tasks online without thinking much about the storage space. It supports all the existing Microsoft tools (Word, PowerPoint, etc.), SharePoint, OneDrive and their versions online. But the users are still confused to move to the cloud based Office 365 or not. To avoid this confusion, we are going to mention some productive advantages of the Office 365 web-based application. Let us see each profit one by one in detail.

Power of accessibility

With Office 365, there comes an utmost power to access the data saved online as long as you have internet connection. It allows user to access the emails, documents, Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) online thus making data portable. This feature of Office 365 application is quite beneficial for the users who use to move from location to location for their work. The user of Office 365 has the power to access the data from anywhere at any time without worrying for any infrastructure and requirements. The organization can access the data with single (Personal) or multiple users (Home) Office plans.

Cost savior

Besides saving data online and making it accessible anywhere, the Office 365 is advantageous as it saves the unnecessary cost. Using this application, you will have automatic upgrades for each version of the integrated Microsoft applications. Unlike Exchange application which goes offline & requires patching while updating any new version in the system, Office 365 enables you to access/work on mails data while Microsoft performs automatic upgradation. Thus, this automated update of the new versions of the applications saves IT management costs and time for an organization effectively.

Protects data like no other app

Office 365, as we know has a cloud based environment that saves all the data in an online cloud. This data is secured online with minimum risk of losing it anyway. The Microsoft has provided Office 365 application several in-built security measures to protect valuable data online. It provides facility to encrypt emails (access to defined recipients) and mobile device management to protect organization confidential data. Advanced Threat Analytics in which employees are pre-informed for malicious data to be entered and email will be still received with the error and its cause. Thus, your organization benefits a secure and reliable environment for data through Office 365.

Single log-in access

The users can access multiple applications like Microsoft Office applications, OneDrive, SharePoint, documents, emails, etc. using single login credentials (User name and Password). Thus, reducing the number of passwords to keep in diary. For all the applications to access at a single platform (Office 365), users need to provide username and password set for Office account. Doing this, you are able to work on any application integrated with Office account. No, separate log in is required for using other application. This exclusive feature reduces complexity to use applications and saves precious time too.

Easy collaboration

Another benefit from the numerous benefits of Office 365, is that the users can makes changes to or edit any document like Word, Spreadsheet, PDFs easily. All these changes can be made on the same version and not looking for separate versions for separate application. The users can also send direct links in place of attachments to share your data and can edit in a single copy for the single version. This makes the digital working easy and let the organization work at their comfort.
The above-mentioned benefits of Office 365 migration are not the only benefits. There are more in the lot. But to understand its value and pros, these features work well for the organization looking for migration.

Final conclusion

Migration from other desktop client applications to Office 365 web-based cloud application is a wise choice anyhow. For organizations looking forward to environment for data that is secured, easily accessible, trouble-free and customer-friendly, migration to Office is undoubtedly a nice option! Rest is the decision of intelligent users of the organization to migrate to Office 365 or not.