SQL Server errors are most often related to network issues, i.e. either network path is not found followed by issue in Server login, or ‘No process is on the other end of the pipe’ issue. So every now and then a server issue arises and makes user worry for establishing the network from new end. This was the outline of what user usually face, but at times a peculiar sort of error manifests, which is related to inaccessibility of SQL file in the user’s system. Thus, ‘Could not open a connection to SQL Server’ Error – Microsoft Server Error: 2 – appears on the screen of the user.

What Microsoft Server Error: 2 looks like?

Microsoft Server Error: 2 is a part of the SQL Server error classification which clearly states that “The system cannot find the file specified”. This can be understood as – the client can reach the server, but at some point there is no Named Pipe listener by specific pipe name on the user system. Here the Pipe name implies name of the SQL file that was generated on the user’s system. It means that the remote server could not find the related SQL file in the user’s system.

Kernel for SQL Repair

The appearance of Microsoft Server Error: 2 is quite filthy and bulky such that no user reads it completely. However, it makes a powerful impact when sharing SQL database is concerned. This also gives fair chances of sharing the concerned SQL file without any technical issue. The possible reasons for such step are as follows:

  • No response from SQL Server regarding call of specific SQL database file.
  • Accountable server not functional anymore.
  • Typo error could have created search chaos in SQL database.

Thus, any of the above reasons could meet the probability required for the manifestation of error 2. The most probable reason for such occurrence is non-availability of the corresponding SQL database file. So, what could be the reason of such non-availability and how could this situation be handled?

Managing the MDF file availability to the remote Server

If SQL Error: 2 has occurred, then it is clearly the case of MDF file unavailability which has to be made available so that the remote client can access the file for sharing purpose. To meet such requirement, it is essential that the concerned file must be in perfect condition. If not, there definitely we need a technical assistance from some external tool.

To fix the affected MDF files with great ease and accuracy, Kernel for SQL Database Recovery tool has been developed by Kernel Data Recovery. It is done with great ease as it has inbuilt algorithm to drive the recovery process without delineating the SQL database. The integral role is played by dual saving mode, namely: SQL Server and Batch File.

The best part of Kernel for SQL Server Recovery tool is that it auto detects the SQL server version which eases the user from doing good amount of hard work. The evaluation version can be tried for understanding the strategy of the tool in better way.

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