SQL administrators usually keep regular backups for SQL Server databases. When there is a data loss situation, it helps them restore data from the backups. The entire procedure runs smoothly most of the time. But, when the administrators restore master database in SQL server along with other databases from the backup files, the database is not accessible to users or by applications. The SQL shows that the database is in restoring state.

Common Reason:

The most common reason for the database to remain stuck in the restoring state is that the administrator has run the RESTORE command with NORECOVERY switch and has not finished it with the with RECOVERY command.

Let us know more about these commands:

Restoring database with NORECOVERY

When there are multiple backups, the restored process is started with the commands:

RESTORE DATABASE YourDatabase FROM DISK – ‘DatabaseBackup1.bak’

The above commands are used for restoring SQL Server databases when there are multiple backup files. When you run the RESTORE command with NORECOVERY switch, the process is not finished, and so you can execute this command again to restore data from more backup files. But for the last backup file, you should run the command with RECOVERY switch.

Restoring database with RECOVERY

When you are restoring data from the last backup file, you should run;

RESTORE DATABASE YourDatabase FROM DISK = ‘DatabaseBackup2.bak’

When you restore SQL database WITH NORECOVERY key, the process gets completed and the database becomes accessible to all the users and applications.

So, from this, we can understand that WITH RECOVERY key is needed to finish the restoring process of multiple SQL Server databases backups. Once you run the RESTORE command with RECOVERY switch, you cannot run the RESTORE command again to recover data from more backup files.

Thus, you have been able to fix the issue “SQL Server Database Stuck in Restoring State”. Besides this error, an SQL administrator may face many other database issues and errors. Some examples are SQL database errors SQL Error 3414, SQL Error 5172, SQL Error 8946. There could be random causes for these issues like unexpected shutdown, hardware issues, virus attacks, and more. To fix such errors, administrators can restore data from the latest SQL backup files. If it is also not working, then try SQL Recovery tool which can fix all kind of SQL database errors and issues effortlessly. The interface is quite simple and interactive so that users can repair SQL database files easily.

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The blog discusses the issue ‘SQL database stuck in restoring state’ along with its reason and a possible solution. Also, it recommends a recovery tool to deal with all database corruption and errors situations.