When shared over a network, Access database files can become corrupt easily. And damaged ACCDB files and their data cannot be accessed. But you can repair ACCDB/MDB files or recover their data.

There are different reasons for the corruption of Access database files. Some of them are:

  • Failure of the hardware on which the database is stored
  • Improper system shutdowns and sudden application exits
  • Virus infection
  • Locking of database files due to multiple user access

Manual techniques to repair damaged MS Access file

You can repair your corrupted MS Access database files manually. You need to follow the below steps to repair the database.

  • Open MS Access. Go to File > Info and click Compact& Repair Database.

After this, software takes a couple of minutes and your damaged file gets repaired.

An automated approach for Access Database Repair

Access Repair helps you in repairing your damaged MDB and ACCDB files quickly. This Access Recovery software restores keys, identity number, fields, etc. along with the entire database structure. The working of this tool is quite smooth too. Follow the steps to repair MS Access files:

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  1. Launch the tool and select the database file from your system, select the repair mode (Standard Mode or Template Mode), and then click Repair.
  2. The tool will show a preview of the entire database. Then click Save button.
  3. Provide the location for saving the repaired file. In a couple of minutes, the MS Access database files will be repaired.
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