Microsoft Outlook is renowned as the most suitable email client for enterprises due to its versatility and convenience. However, a large number of other email clients are gaining popularity day by day. Sometimes, due to various reasons, we have to export emails of other email clients to Microsoft Outlook. It’s not an easy task. Microsoft Outlook saves its email messages as PST files. Some other popular email clients (like Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird) save their email messages as EML files, whereas Apple Mail saves its email messages as EMLX files. If you think of exporting EML/EMLX files to Outlook, it is impossible as Microsoft Outlook won’t be able to read EML/EMLX files. So, it is necessary to convert EML/EMLX files to PST to make them accessible with Outlook.

As emails carry a lot of important information, any EML/EMLX to PST conversion should ensure that the entire information remains secure during the conversion. This compulsion necessitates the use of a comprehensive and advanced tool for EML/EMLX to PST conversion. EML to PST is such an application that is designed for the complete conversion of EML/EMLX files to PST.


Some Striking Features of EML/EMLX to PST Conversion Tool

  • It converts EML/EMLX files to PST in three simple steps – Search for EML/EMLX folders, Filter EML/EMLX files and Save them as PST files.
  • Converts EML/EMLX files of multiple email clients and multiple users – It converts EML/EMLX files of various email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail to PST files. Also, it can simultaneously convert EML/EMLX files of multiple applications to PST files.
  • It is an easy-to-use software tool – EML to PST owns a very interactive user interface. Its screens are self-descriptive, and the conversion from EML/EMLX to PST involves a few simple steps only. So anybody can very easily convert EML/EMLX files to PST using this tool.
  • You can decide which EML/EMLX files to be converted and where to save – EML to PST Conversion searches for the EML/EMLX files of the selected directory/disk and displays them on the screen. Now, you can filter (by criteria such as From, To, Subject and Date) the EML/EMLX files to convert only the filtered EML/EMLX files to PST files. After the conversion, you can choose to save them in an existing PST or in a newly created PST; you can choose the location of the file too.
  • No need to worry about data loss – EML to PST ensures that the structure and properties of the EML/EMLX files remain unaltered during the conversion from EML/EMLX to PST. Also, you can save the PST files in the same hierarchical order as their source EML/EMLX files.

You can experience the above features of the software just by downloading a trial version of EML to PST. The trial version has all the features of the full version, but you can save only five files per folder. You can purchase the full version if you are happy after your experience with the trial version.


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