Outlook error “0x80190194 is a common error related to Offline Address Books.

This is an error “0x80190194” that you may get while trying to update the OAB files in Exchange with the Outlook client. The error message is – Task ‘email’ reported error (0x80190194): ‘The operation failed.

More About Outlook Error “0x80190194

Outlook error “0x80190194 can be encountered in Outlook when users try to update the Exchange Offline Address Books (OAB) with the client. This error appears when your OAB file is Web Distribution only enabled. Let us first know about the OAB file download process in the Outlook client.

How to Update OAB Files?

Open Outlook and click Tools>Send/Receive/Download Address Book on the Outlook interface to perform this download.

Users can check if the update of OAB files is successful by looking for the event id 1008 in the application log by File the Distribution Service on the Client Access Server. In the Description section of the event, it will show that the update is successful.

Reasons for Outlook Error “0x80190194”
  • OAB files not found on the Client Access Server
  • Incorrect or misconfigured system settings
  • Faulty entries in Windows Registry
  • Corrupt Arbitration mailboxes
How Can You Fix the Outlook “0x80190194” Error?

Now, let us suggest some fixes which are going to help you resolve this error.

  • General Solutions

    Users can perform some basic fixes to see if they resolve the issue, such as –

    • Run an antivirus scan on the system
    • Reinstall the Outlook version
    • Re-create the mail profile
  • More Solutions
    1. Creating Fresh OAB files

      Outlook users can create a new OAB file by renaming the available OAB files as explained below.

      1. Close the running Outlook application.
      2. Reach the location on your system –
      3. Look out for the Offline Address Book folder in the Outlook folder. Rename this “Offline Address Books folder” to “Offline Address Books.old” for Outlook versions 2010 and above. But for Outlook 2007 version, you need to rename the files individually by putting .old in the names.
      4. Once the files or folder names are renamed, launch the Outlook application.
      5. Now, click Tools > Send/Receive/Download Address Book (for Outlook 2007 and earlier versions) or Send/Receive > Send/Receive Groups > Download Address Book (for latest Outlook versions).
      6. Choose the OAB for the update from the drop-down, unselect the checkbox saying. “Download changes since last the Send/Receive”. Click OK.
      7. After the creation of fresh OAB files, the error would not pop again.
    2. Copying OAB file to Client Access Server

      This solution replicates OAB files to the OAB directories to be accessed and downloaded by the client manually.

      1. Go to your Mailbox Server and navigate to this location –
        C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ExchangeOAB

        From this location, copy the desired OAB files for the update.

      2. Now, move to this client-server access location on your Mailbox Server and paste the copied OAB files
        C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB\
      3. Now, try to update the OAB files using the client Outlook application with Send/Receive option.

These were some simple solutions by which you can resolve the Outlook error 0x80190194 that occurs while updating the OAB files. If you are not getting help from the above-mentioned solutions, we recommend consulting an Exchange Server professional or expert.

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The blog provides some manual workarounds (Antivirus scan, recreating Outlook mail profile, reinstalling Outlook) and creating fresh OAB files for fixing the annoying Outlook error “0x80190194,” which occurs after a failed Offline Address Books update. Apart from the recreation and replication of OAB files, a superior and advanced Exchange Recovery tool is recommended to fix all EDB file corruption errors experienced by users.