While using Outlook, you may come across the Outlook Error 0x80040154, stating “An unknown error has occurred, error code:0x80040154 in Outlook (your version).” This error indicates that the PST file is damaged/ corrupt, accidental deletion of important system files has occurred or there is an installation of some faulty add-ins.

error code:0x80040154 in Outlook

Outlook PST or Personal Storage Table is very important as it contains all the data of your Outlook mailbox like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc.

In the present blog, we will discuss the probable causes of the Outlook Error 0x80040154. Also, we are going to describe how to fix the Outlook Error 0x80040154.

Common causes of the Outlook error 0x80040154

Reasons for the occurrence of Outlook error0x80040154 can be any of the following stated below:

  • Damage or corruption of PST file.
  • Malware or viruses.
  • Improper installation or corruption or damage in Microsoft Outlook profile.
  • The DLL file is not registered.
  • Accidental deletion of some important system files.
  • You have exceeded the PST file size limit.
  • Installation of faulty add-ins.
  • Incomplete or improper configuration of the email.

Potential fixes for the Outlook error 0x80040154

The Outlook Error 0x80040154 was mostly found in Outlook 2010, 2007, & 2003 versions. The recent versions like Outlook 2019, 2016, & 2013 are not found to show this error. Here, we will see how you can fix this error.

SOLUTION 1: Adding unregistered files

When the inetcomm.dll file is either unregistered or deleted, you will not be able to access PST files, as a result of which occurs the ‘Outlook error 0x80040154.’ The absence of this file leads to this error whenever you try to receive new emails. So all you need to do is re-register the file. To do so follow the steps given:

    1. Press the Win+R keys together to open the Run window.
    2. Type ‘regsvr32inetcomm.dll’ and Press Enter.Press Enter
    3. Follow the instructions to register the file.

Once the process is complete, the error will be fixed. If the error still persists then try the next solution.

SOLUTION 2: Using the anti-virus software

We cannot deny the role of viruses or malware in corrupting a file and leading to this Outlook error while receiving/sending emails. So try to update the anti-virus software and scan the whole system for viruses and remove them if detected. Try to receive new emails and see if the error is fixed.

If nothing is detected then disable the anti-virus software and then try to receive new emails. If the issue still persists then the anti-virus software has no role in the occurrence of this error.

SOLUTION 3: Try to run the Outlook application in safe mode

Try to launch the Microsoft Outlook program in safe mode. To open the Outlook application in safe mode, you need to exit the application and then click on the application while pressing the ctrl key. It will be asked if you wish to start the application in safe mode. Press the yes button to run the program in safe mode. Now try to receive new emails and see if the error still persists. If this resolves the issue this implies that the reason for the error is an add-in or an external program. You can try to find and remove them.

SOLUTION 4: Removing recently installed faulty add-ins

Follow the steps given below to disable add-ins:

  1. In Outlook, open File and click Options.
  2. Open Add-ins.
  3. Select and remove recently added Add-ins.

Try to open and receive new emails and see if the error is fixed or not.

SOLUTION 5: Repairing or re-installing Microsoft Office

Before you proceed with re-installing MS Office you are recommended to keep back up your MS Office data.
To repair the Microsoft Office follow the steps given below:

  1. Right-click on Start. Open Apps & Features
  2. Click Microsoft Office Enterprise (Version).
  3. Click Modify.Click Modify
  4. Select Repair. This will repair MS Office.

Once the process of repair is complete, check if the error is fixed or not. If the repair does not fix the error then try to uninstall MS Office. Follow the steps given under to uninstall the MS Office:

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Press Programs & Features.
  3. Right-click Microsoft Office Enterprise (version).
  4. Click Un-install.Click Un-instal
  5. Check if the error is fixed or not.

SOLUTION 6: Using the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

If the issue is due to Outlook configuration then use the in-built recovery application called Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.

Open this utility and run ‘Advanced Diagnostics.’ This will identify and fix the problem in the Outlook configuration. When the process is completely performed, try to receive new emails, and see if the error is fixed. If the error still persists then you need a third-party tool to fix this Outlook error.

SOLUTION 7: Using PST Repair Tool

Due to corruption of PST or OST files you may also witness that Outlook crashes while opening an email. Easiest way to fix any kind of error occurring in Outlook is a third party tool. PST Repair is reliable software to repair corrupt PST files. It helps to export them to Outlook PST, Office 365, Exchange, and Gmail. It can repair PST of any size and number, retaining all the email properties unchanged. Moreover, it saves the repaired items in a new healthy PST file.

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You have learned that the Outlook error 0x80040154 basically occurs due to damages or corruption of the PST file which results in the inaccessibility of the file and this error. Furthermore, other reasons like viruses, malware, interference of add-ins, external programs, issues with MS Office, etc. also lead to this error. More importantly, we have also discussed different solutions to fix the error. Sometimes it does happen that you do not have much time to go through and try all fixes one after the other. In such a case, we have discussed the repairing of corrupt or damaged, or inaccessible PST files using a third-party tool. This not only resolves your problem but also saves your time.