Outlook is a widely used email platform, especially by professionals. Sometimes you might come across an error where you won’t be able to remove an empty imported calendar from the Outlook profile. In this case, you are able to delete the entries of the imported calendar. But the entire empty calendar is stuck in the Outlook profile. Either the Delete option is greyed out, or there is no delete option on the right click. You should find the correct method to fix corrupt calendar entries in Outlook or delete the calendar from it completely.

Any calendar can be deleted from the Outlook profile except the primary Outlook calendar. In this blog we shall discuss some hit and trial methods to remove an empty imported calendar from Outlook profile.

Method 1. Reset Calendar Settings

  1. Open Outlook and select calendar.select calendar
  2. Open the view tab and select the View Settings option.select the View Settings option
  3. Select Reset Current View. Click OK.Reset Current View
  4. Check whether the empty imported calendar is removed or not.

Method 2. Scan and Repair Calendar entries

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Open Run and type ‘outlook/cleanreminders.’ Click OK.outlook/cleanreminders
  3. Outlook will now scan and repair all calendar entries.
  4. Again open Run and type ‘outlook/resetfolders.’ Click OK.outlook/resetfolders
  5. Outlook will now reorganize all the folders.

Method 3. Delete Calendar items

  1. Open Outlook and select calendar.
  2. Click View.
    Click View
  3. Select Change View from the ribbon.Change View from the ribbon
  4. Click on List.Click on List
  5. Select the item list and press Ctrl+A to select all the list items.select all the list items
  6. Press Delete.

Method 4. Remove group, shared, and SharePoint calendars

  1. Open Outlook and right-click on the calendar you wish to delete.right-click on the calendar you wish to delete
  2. Click Delete Group or Delete Calendar.Delete Group or Delete Calendar
  3. Outlook will ask for the confirmation if you want to remove the calendar and move the items in the Deleted items folder.
  4. Select Yes for the confirmation.Select Yes for the confirmation


The above-explained methods can be tried to remove the empty imported calendar. But it might happen that the copy of the calendar still remains, and you are still now able to remove it. Here comes the work of a professional tool that can easily remove all the duplicates from the Outlook profile. One such excellent tool is Outlook Duplicates Remover. It removes all kinds of duplicate items from Outlook profiles along with the permanent deletion option. It searches for all the duplicate items and deletes them without compromising on the quality.