Situations arise where it gets hard to access Hyper V VHD file due to corruption. Whenever such incidents take place one get to see different sorts of error messages. There are various symptoms and error messages for corrupted Hyper-V VHD files right from VM refusing to start, to errors that describe failures to attach the VHD. In fact, every time such unfavorable situation arise one get encountered with messages such as –

“Failed to open attachment ‘C: \ directory \MyVHD.vhd’. Error: ‘The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.’”

Now, whenever such incidents occur there are many who feel completely helpless. They don’t know what to do. Well, in case you are one among those, then you don’t need to get tensed. You don’t have to waste time in finding out the real reason for such occurrence. There are many possible causes that result in the corruption of VHD files. So, it is very important for you to restore the VHD from your latest backup. In fact, many renowned IT experts recommend for the usage of data recovery tools inside the virtual machine.

No matter what the VHD type, research shows that the most common reasons for data corruption in the VHD (whether fixed or dynamic) are due to –

  • Faulty / failing physical storage
  • Transferring files over faulty / failing networks

If you can trace back the chain of events that primarily leads to the corruption, in most of the occasions you may find a failure by disconnecting storage while the virtual drive was being created. Moreover, at times this failure is not hardware. In fact, they are caused by anti-virus programs that usually are installed on the host. However, whatever be the cause of corruption you don’t need to get tensed. With option like VHD Recovery tool one can fix the corruption very effectively. The VHD Recovery tool is very much capable of recovering and restoring the damaged, corrupted, inaccessible data from the VHD files.

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With the proper usage of this Hyper V VHD recovery software, it is very much possible to restore all types of files such as images, video & audio files, media files, documents, database files, archives etc. The key highlight of this software is its ability to perform the scan operation and three recovery modes – Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace. Each of these modes has different roles to play, but effective enough to restore and fix the corrupt file in almost every situation. Depending upon the situation, each of these modes performs scan operation and depending upon their intensity of scanning the tool recovers VHD file. Using this tool, one can also access the facility to preview restored items and folders on computer screen. Apart from these, the Hyper V VHD recovery tool is very supportive to VHD files created using Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 and Hyper – V server.