Kernel for VHD Recovery Tool

Repairs corrupt Virtual Drives (VHD/VHDX files) + Restore all lost, inaccessible files and folders—immediately

  • Repairs corrupt virtual drives (VHD/VHDX files) upon HDD crash, partition damage, and more.
  • Fixes errors of corrupt VHD/VHDX files— supporting NTFS and FAT file systems
  • Extracts full VHD data—media files, database file, photos, email files, archives etc.
  • Recovers permanently-deleted files and folders.
  • Supports VHD data recovery for all Windows workstations (including Windows 10)
  • Immediate preview of recovered files—just after the recovery.
  • User-defined settings for recovering lost data—include/exclude deleted files etc.
  • Try free Demo to preview full files and folders of corrupt virtual drives.
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited files recovery
  • Electronic Delivery
Kernel for VHD Recovery Features
Full Recovery Full Recovery

Had a bad time, dealing with corrupt virtual drive—well, not anymore! Recover your lost and inaccessible files, folders from corrupt virtual drives—in a single shot. VHD recovery tool not only fixes VHD/VHDX file errors, but also allows recovery of lost data – without concerning about the size of the database. It can effectively retrieve all/selected types of data files, like Internet Files, Database Files, E-mail Files, MS Office files, Archive Files, Media Files, CAD Files, etc.

Quick Searching of Files Quick Searching of Files

No efforts required to search specific files from the list of recovered folders. Virtual Disk Recovery tool embeds two smart search options: a) Find Files, b) File Filters, wherein you can instantly search specific types of file(s) by providing its file extension (.xls, .doc, .png)—to list down all the relevant results.

Configure Recovery Settings Configure Recovery Settings

Perform VHD file recovery according to your specific requirements using ‘Settings’ option. Configure the settings to allow the tool—to rename, overwrite, skip duplicate entries; include deleted files; all sectors to be read in a single attempt, and so on.

Simplified Usage Simplified Usage

Repair your corrupt drive effortlessly, in three simple steps: a) load your corrupt drive for recovery, b) preview the recovered files, c) save the files at the desired locations. Virtual Disk Recovery tool is also integrated with interactive ‘Help’ manual, to help yourself at any point of confusion, without requiring any additional assistance.

Live Previewing Live Previewing

View recovered files immediately, once the recovery process gets completed. VHD recovery tool displays the recovered data in a specialized preview box, featured along with the in-depth details like file name, type, size, creation time, modification time and ID.

Compatible for all Windows Compatible for all Windows

Recover virtual machines (VHD/VHDX files), created from any version of Windows platform, including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and prior versions.

Supported Versions of Virtual Disk Recovery Tool

Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Windows Server 2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003

System requirements

Pentium Class Processor


50 MB of free disk space for software installation


What file types does your VHD Recovery tool support for recovery?

Kernel for VHD tool fully supports recovering each and every kind of files stored within the Virtual Hard Disk including Archive Files, Document Files, Database Files, E-mail Files, Graphics Files, Sound Files, Media Files, Internet Files, CAD Files, and Other Files.

What might be the causes responsible for corruption of VHD files?

VHD/VHDX files may get corrupt, damaged or inaccessible due to numerous unseen reasons such as RAID failure, virus attacks, improper system shutdown, crash of MS Windows, corruption in hard disk, faulty physical storage, data corruption due to transferring files over faulty networks, corruption caused by applications that cannot execute or load data, accidental damage due to fire and water, media surface contamination and damage, accidental reformatting of partitions, unintentional deletion of data stored in hard disk, etc.

Under what circumstances your VHD File Repair tool prove helpful?

On corruption of VHD/VHDX files due to partition deletion, partition damage, or partition formatting, user must try Virtual Disk Recovery tool in order to repair damaged VHD/VHDX files and recover every single bit of data from them.

What are the different recovery modes provided by the VHD Repair software?

Kernel for VHD facilitates three powerful modes for recovering every single bit of data from damaged VHD/VHDX files:

  • Quick Scan: The fastest mode of data recovery that must be selected for recovering VHD/VHDX files in case of minor corruption.
  • Extensive Scan: Select this mode of data recovery in case the VHD/VHDX files are highly corrupted. Also, this mode must be selected only if Quick Scan mode fails to recover the desired data.
  • File Trace: The most powerful mode of data recovery; helpful in case both Quick Scan and Extensive Scan modes fail to recover the required data from damaged VHD/VHDX files.
What all OS Platforms and versions does this Kernel for VHD Recovery software support?

Kernel for VHD software works well on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2012 R2 for recovering damaged VHD/VHDX files.

Can I evaluate the capabilities of your VHD Repair tool before purchasing it. Is it available as a trial version? Are there any limitations?

Yes, Kernel for VHD is available as a trial version, which is free to download. Using this trial version you can evaluate the real-time capabilities of the tool before making the purchase. The trial version accurately recovers damaged VHD/VHDX files, displays preview of entire recovered data, but restricts you from saving them. To save entire recovered data from VHD/VHDX files, you need to purchase the full version of the software.

Numerous third-party tools are available nowadays for VHD File recovery. Mention some of the extra-ordinary features of the software that makes it different from others.

A few extra-ordinary features of Kernel for VHD recovery tool include:

Save Snapshot: This option lets user to save the recoverable data as a snapshot that can be loaded later for continuing the recovery process.

Load Snapshot: This option is useful in loading the previously saved snapshot.

Change the pattern of viewing recovered files: Kernel for VHD facilitates multiple options to change the pattern of viewing the recovered files in the tool. The recovered files can be viewed:

  • In the form of icons
  • In a list-like structure
  • With complete details like size, type, date, etc.
Can you please differentiate the Find Files and File Filters option provided within Virtual Disk Recovery software?

Using Find Files option, you can find specific file(s) from the recovered file(s). For example, for viewing all .XLS files amongst the recovered files, you just need to specify the *.XLS in the Find Files dialog box and the tool will display only the MS Excel files amongst the recovered files.
On the other hand, using the File Filters options you can specify multiple files for searching. For example, at a same time user can specify *.XLS, *.DOCX, *.PDF, etc. for searching the desired files amongst the recovered files.

Does your software facilitate some settings for searching the lost files and folders?

Yes, Kernel for VHD allows to configure following settings on the basis of which tool will search lost lies and folders:

  • Sectors to read in single attempt
  • Rename/ Overwrite/ Skip duplicate file(s)
  • Include deleted files in the search, exclude deleted files from recovered files, or only recover the deleted files
What does the Drive Information embedded within the software signify?

The Drive Information embedded within the Kernel for VHD recovery allows gathering information about the system drive.

Ermanno Goletto (Microsoft MVP) Italy

Nel mondo Microsoft l’implementazione dei dischi virtuali utilizza il formato VHD e la sua nuova implementazione VHDX, di base questi tipi di formato...
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Client Testimonials
  • We were able to smoothly recover corrupt VHD files of 15TB size and mount in the retrieved data within the single attempt. Kernel for VHD tool allowed us to restore the important data, using its smart configuration settings. Surely recommended for VHD file corruption. ” David B. Weiss, Ireland
  • A week ago my virtual hard disk crashed due to virus intrusion. The disk contained the information about my most important clients so I tried several disk recovery options to regain my files, but failed to do so. On suggestion of a senior, I tried Kernel for VHD recovery tool and it really helped me in getting all my files and corrupt disk partitions back. Thanks to my senior and the Kernel team who helped me in discovering such a wonderful tool. ” Philip Bethel, Canada
  • I have had a pleasant experience working with this tool. It has been a life saver for me by successfully repairing my Virtual Drives. Also, I could restore the lost and other files that were inaccessible. Overall, it was very easy to use and a good technical support was provided by the team. I would recommend the tool to anyone in need. ” B. M. Morgan, Australia
  • I am very impressed with the software for ease of use. I am not running to any conclusion; I have previewed several alternatives but most of them failed to meet my expectations. Luckily, this software saved my time and helped me carry out the fast and complete recovery of VHD files. Running the software was not too difficult, as its scanning modes allowed me in the selection of VHD and extraction of inaccessible data and recover all crucial VHD data. ” Raymond Butler, Singapore


Software Features Trial Version Licensed Version
Fixes corrupt/damaged VHD/VHDX files
Recovers lost and deleted files
Allows Preview of recovered data like photos, music files, email files etc.
Recovery of VHD/VHDX files created using any Windows platform
Option to save recovered files
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