Kernel for PST Split

Allows you to split large-sized PSTs.

  • Split PST quickly: With Kernel for PST Split, novice as well as professional users can split PST files quickly and easily
  • 5 Advanced Splitting options: Kernel for Split PST is integrated with advanced splitting options such as Split Outlook PST file based on date, email ID, Make single PST file for every folder, Extract selected folders into a PST file and Split PST file into multiple PST files, Split PST tool ensures user splits PST easily
  • Creates Small-sized PST files: Split PST tool creates small-sized PST files which are independent of original PST file
  • Works on in-use PST file: Capable of splitting PST files which are shared over network, saved separately or are currently being used
  • Performs comprehensive PST split: Enables you to split all folders and items available in PST file such as Contacts, Calendar, and Journals, Email Folders (Inbox, Outbox etc)
  • Preserve Data Integrity and meta-data: Preserves Meta-data of emails (To, From, Cc, BCc, date, time etc) as well as retain data integrity of PST data
  • Ease of data manageability: Enables the users to easily manage bulk of data by providing the option to create separate small sized PST files. You can create separate PST for email communication for a particular period of time, or by a particular sender, or a PST of selected folders
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited files recovery
  • Electronic Delivery
Split PST Software - Ease of Data Manageability

A MS Outlook is one of the most popular clients based email platform that many users all across the world. The important aspect that one needs to keep in mind is that the long usage of MS Outlook integrates a large amount of data, which gets stored in a single PST file. Simultaneously, it becomes nearly impossible for an individual to manage all the data. With Kernel for PST split, one can efficiently divide every type of PST files of any Outlook and users can manage all their data in multiple PST files easily.

Usually, situation gets tricky when PST file of Outlook exceeds its threshold size. In fact, when it cross its threshold size, then it starts creating troubles in Outlook like outlook startup problem, error in send/receive emails, outlook file attachment errors and so on. To get rid of all such issues you would require reducing size of large PST file. In such circumstances, PST Splitter like Kernel for PST split software can be very helpful for you. Kernel for PST Split offers ideal approach to perform PST splitting operation without facing hassle. Split PST tool has been designed with a user friendly interface which enables you to split PST files very easily. Moreover, it is comprehensive and specialized PST splitter tool that allow you split files without any loss of data.

There are 5 different criteria based on which you can split a large size PST file, these are: Split PST file based on email ID, Split PST file based on date, Extract selected folders into a PST file, Split PST file based on date and PST file into multiple PST files. These options available to split large PST files will help you to manage PST file data and create new PST files as per requirement. The newly created PST files are independent of the original PST file and can be easily accessed by MS Outlook. Kernel for PST split has the ability to split PST files which are saved separately.

Owing to an interactive GUI and user friendly interface, this tool allows novice users as well as technical experts to use it in a hassle free manner. This split PST software tool supports splitting of PST files which are created using MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 versions. This is output- driven software that can easily split all the items and folders in PST files such as Contacts, Calendar, and Journals, Email Folders (Inbox, Outbox etc). Moreover, the software preserves the Meta data of original PST file including details like To, From, Cc, BCc, Date, Time etc.

Available for free evaluation

Kernel for PST Split is available for free download. However, the free trial version involves a limitation and restricts the users to save only the first 5 items from every selected folder to the new small-sized PST file.


MS Windows Operating System:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

MS Outlook versions:

MS Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/98/97

System Requirements:

Pentium Class Processor, 512 MB RAM and 50 MB of free disk space for software installation

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PST file splitting process
1.What is the need of splitting PST file?

MS Outlook can be damaged due to PST file size issues. There are times when the mailbox consists of several PST files that are huge in size and have no use. The user must regularly delete such files or save the crucial data offline. However, this entire process of checking and removing the PST files require a lot of time. With Kernel for PST Split, users can quickly split the PST file based on various categories and let the user manage file data efficiently.

2.Can I split my PST files selectively?

Yes, the Kernel for PST Split allows you to manage PST file data by allowing you to split large PST files based on email ID or date. Users can extract selected folders into a PST file and Split PST file into multiple PST files as and when required.

3.Will the splitting of PST files change any of my data contained in those files?

No, the software takes care of everything contained in the PST file. Kernel for PST Split software preserves the Meta data of original PST file including particulars like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Date, Time etc. as it is.

4.How do I trust the tool?

You can download the trial version of this software and check before hand. The free version allows the user to split PST file and save the first 5 items from every folder that is selected. In order to save everything, you need to purchase licensed edition of Kernel for PST Split software from our safe websites.

5.Is the software usage tricky? I cannot use a very technical tool for such thing.

The software is easy to understand and embedded with graphical interactive screens that simplify the entire PST split process. You just need to download and start the software. Locate the PST file, define the Split options and proceed towards saving of the files once the process is complete. It can be used by an expert or novice computer user with ease.