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About KDR Tools

KDR Tools is widely known for providing extensive migration and data recovery solutions to IT firms, businesses, and individuals to ease their tasks. We have around 110 products in different categories based on various user requirements.

Founded in 2005, we've evolved from professional software to pioneering backup, migration, and effective cloud solutions. Our journey showcases remarkable progress.

We prioritize superior performance, corporate accountability, and practical solutions for our customers. Led by Rupesh Kumar, Anil Verma, Sudesh Kumar, and Sandeep Verma, we've expanded significantly.

Currently, our 200-strong global team is widely recognized in IT. Our products, beloved by IT experts, admins, and individuals across 180+ countries, solidify our reputation in the information technology field.

Our offerings encompass data recovery, migration, email services, media recovery, and more. Continuously expanding, our product range reflects our commitment to growth.

2020Launched tools for Photo/Video repair and also tools for G Suite Backup & migration
2017Launched Cloud migration tools for Lotus Notes, Office 365, Exchange Server
2010Recognized for providing Database recovery tools
2007Became a proud provider of Exchange Server Recovery tool
2006Started delivering Email recovery tools for Outlook
2005Introduced Data Recovery solutions for Windows, Mac, and Linux
KDR Tools Founder Story

Founded in 2005, we began with basic software for businesses and have since developed over 100 diverse solutions spanning cloud, databases, migration, backup, and more.

KDR Tools was not Built in a Day

We aid businesses and individuals by recovering corrupt data, facilitating platform migration, and backing up information using a broad toolkit.

Our path wasn't smooth, requiring years of effort to grow into a 200-strong team. Persistence and unwavering customer support fueled our success.

Beginning with data recovery tools, our success bolstered our confidence. To meet rising demand, we expanded our team and product line in that category. Building on this momentum, we ventured into email and cloud migration tools, among others.

We're reshaping tech's perception, offering diverse user-friendly tools. Smart algorithms ensure ease, even for non-tech users.

KDR Tools Offices

We are headquartered in Noida, India, and have offices in London and New York.

  • India B-57, 2nd Floor, Sector-57,
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • United States 99 Wall St #1163,
    New York,
    NY 10005
  • United Kingdom Suite 42 Unit B. 63-66,
    Hatton Garden, Holborn,
    London EC1N 8LE
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Board of Directors

KDR Tools offers comprehensive migration and data recovery solutions for IT firms, businesses, and individuals, streamlining tasks with 110 products tailored to diverse user needs.

Anil Kumar Verma

Anil Kumar Verma

Director of Finance
Rupesh Kumar

Rupesh Kumar

Chief Visionary Officer
Sudesh Kumar

Sudesh Kumar

Director of Operations
Sandeep Verma

Sandeep Verma

Chief Technical Officer
Our Prestigious Customers
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