Kernel for Excel Repair Software

Repairs corrupt Excel ( Xls and Xlsx) files.

  • Recovers complete data in its original structure without any alteration
  • Restores Excel elements like OLE objects, hyperlink fields, headers and footnotes
  • Facilitates user-friendly GUI that can be operated even by non-technical users
  • Embedded with "Live Preview Technology" which displays preview of the repaired Excel file
  • Reinstates the original name of the spreadsheets
  • Fetches integer and floating point numbers from corrupt Excel files
  • Recovers textual information, forms, links, reports, and charts
  • Recovers Excel file formulas in different format (all defined formulas)
  • Restores Excel file tables, hyperlinks, and font-color, size, style and name
  • Repairs multiple Microsoft Excel Files concurrently
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited files recovery
  • Electronic Delivery
Features of Kernel for Excel Repair Software Fixes all Excel file errors

Kernel for Excel File Repair repairs corrupt and damaged XLS, and XLSX files successfully. It rectifies all types of Excel file errors occurred due to issues like header damage, accidental deletion of Excel file items, round tipping, illegible content, improper closure of spreadsheet and Excel file crash.

Generates new spreadsheets precisely

The software repairs and generates 100% accurate fresh spreadsheets. It absolutely retrieves all Excel file components such as file tabs, columns, text strings, hyperlinks, reports, OLE objects, active cell contents, rows, macros, integers, fonts, formulas and fields, along with UNICODE characters.

Preserves data authenticity

While fixing the Excel file errors, Kernel for Excel Repair software maintains the integrity of the spreadsheets. It uses powerful QFSCI algorithms, which accelerates the recovery procedure and maintains the uprightness of the Excel file components.

Allows file verification before saving

After the successful completion of the Excel recovery process, Kernel for Excel Repair software enlists all the repaired files and allows users to select and preview the files thoroughly before restoring them on desired destination.

Dual Excel recovery modes

This Excel repair is integrated with two different repair modes, which are ‘Single-file’ mode and ‘Multi-file’ mode. These two modes are developed to allow users to repair single or multiple files in single repair cycle, considering their requirement.

Simple tool with user-friendly features

Kernel for Excel Repair software is suitable for all types of users—novice users, IT admins and technical experts; everyone can use this tool effortlessly. Moreover, its free trial version helps users to analyze its outstanding features before reaching a buying decision.

Supported Formats

MS Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95

Operating System

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 and Windows Server 2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003

Minimum Memory Requirement

64 MB

Disk Space Requirements

50 MB of Free Space

Software Welcome Screen Select File ScreenView File ScreenSave File ScreenSaving Process Screen

When can Kernel for Excel be helpful to you?

Kernel for Excel is a professional Excel repair tool. When you are not able to open or access Excel files due to corruption, you can use this tool to repair the corrupt files and to recover its information.

How can Excel users know of corruption?

You will not be able to open corrupt Excel files properly to access its information. Corrupt Excel files may generate some error messages.

What formats of Excel files can be repaired using Kernel for Excel?

Kernel or Excel repairs Excel files in both XLS and XLSX formats.

Is it possible to repair more than one Excel file at a time using Kernel for Excel?

Yes, you can repair many Excel files at a time using Kernel or Excel. For this, you have to select Multi-file Mode of the software.

Can I choose the location for saving the repaired Excel files?

By default, the repaired Excel files are saved in the installation folder of Kernel for Excel. However, you can change this location while saving the repaired file/s.

How Single-file mode and Multi-file mode of Kernel for Excel are different?

Single-file mode is for repairing a single Excel file, whereas Multi-file Mode is for repairing many Excel files at a time. When there are many corrupt Excel files, you can use Multi-file Mode to save time and effort.

What are the additional saving options available for MS Excel 2000-2003 files?

For Excel 2007, the Kernel for Excel saves all the data available in the file. But for Excel 2000-2003 files, it provides you some options for data saving. The saving options available are: Save number, Save formula, Save bool value, Save text, Save merged cells, Save row information, Save column information.

How can I learn to use Kernel or Excel?

Do not worry. Kernel for Excel is an easy-to-use tool. Because of its user-friendly interface and self-explaining screens, you will not find it difficult to use this tool. If required, you can refer its help manual too.

Is Kernel for Excel a free tool?

Kernel for Excel is not a free tool. However, for evaluation you can download a free trial version of this software.

How the trial version of Kernel for Excel is different from the full version?

The trial version of Kernel for Excel does not have the saving functionality. Therefore, for saving purposes you should have the full version.

Client Testimonials
  • Being a web developer, I am a regular MS Excel user and due to multiple experimentations on my systems, I often face MS Office corruption. However, thanks to Kernel for Excel repair tool I always get back my files in original form. ” Timothy Stokes, Poland
  • I am data recovery service provider. I wanted an instant Excel recovery product to provide my clients with the best solution and raise my goodwill among them. Kernel for Excel repair gave me that raise in nick of time. ” Marlene Daniel, China
  • Due to round tipping my .XLA files became inaccessible at one point of time and I tried my best to get my original files back, but succeeded to recover only partial data. Kernel for Excel helped me gaining back all my data as it was before corruption. ” Irene Goodwin, Senegal
  • Some of the bad sectors of the hard disk affected our crucial MS Excel files stored in the same in the same drive. After trying multiple tool, only Kernel for Excel repair tool helped us in retrieving our crucial .XLS data completely. ” Miguel Guerrero, Niger


Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Ability to fix all errors and Excel issues
Enables user to restore the recovered files
Avails dual recovery modes
Allows Preview of recovered files
Recovers all the Excel file elements likes OLE objects, hyperlinks