19 May
Kernel VMKD Recovery Version 21.5

Kernel VMKD Recovery tool gets updated with a new version (21.5) which offers improved features. It now supports all Windows file types and subfile types like flat and sparse. Also, it supports all files created in split as well as single file modes. After some bug fixes, the new version is smoother and more efficient and recovers even highly corrupt files with maximum details. Users can now upgrade to the full version from the demo version interface itself. With the new updates, the VMDK recovery experience is expected to improve many folds.

07 May
Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook 21.5 version gets released

The current version of Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook has an additional feature to let users add the desired domain to email fields like From, To, Cc, Bcc (in which only display name was visible earlier). The email field (From, To, Cc, Bcc) conversion is now performed with more accuracy. And after some minor bug removals, functions like data saving and folder hierarchy migration are more accurate and efficient. The tool now functions more smoothly too.

02 Apr
Released! Kernel Migrator for SharePoint (Version 21.3)

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint V21.3 is updated with many features and improvements. It now supports Google Drive shared drive migrations and the addition of multiple SharePoint sites at a time for SharePoint migration. Now SharePoint Server and Google Drive migrations are faster after performance enhancements. Also, Google Drive backup to file system or disk is swifter and quicker than before. All its users can take advantage of these features with the new version.

01 Mar
Version 21.2 of Kernel Migrator for SharePoint released

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint gets an updated version (Version 21.2) that is better and more powerful. The tool performs more precise and faster SharePoint migrations, Google Drive migrations, and OneDrive migrations after some bug fixes and algorithm improvements. You can now use this tool more smoothly for migrations involving all versions/plans of SharePoint, Google Drive, and OneDrive. With this update, Kernel Migrator for SharePoint establishes it as the most secure and reliable tool for these migrations.

16 Feb
New Kernel for SQL Database Version Released

An updated version (V.21.1) of Kernel for SQL Database gets released. Now, you can save the recovered SQL database files to live SQL or Batch file in an easier way without any issues. After the updates, the tool offers faster and more precise SQL database recovery, supporting large MDF files. Also, you can recover Unicode tables from the MDF files. For complete recovery, the tool now asks for SQL version if the file is highly corrupt. After all these updates, Kernel for SQL Database is more useful for all SQL database recovery purposes.

09 Feb
Kernel Migrator for SharePoint 21.1 gets critical updates with the latest changes

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint has become more empowered with the latest changes in several migration projects. The new software version migrates all the SharePoint content with documents versions, site, list/library permissions, special character recognition, Unicode, and non-English language understating in a more enhanced manner. The cloud migration for OneDrive and Google Drive has become swifter and more decisive. The permissions and attributes from Public Folder to SharePoint are migrated with greater capacity. Additionally, the tool has been upgraded with better user options and descriptions to understand the process smoothly.

05 Jan
Updated Version of Kernel for OST to PST Released

Version 21.1 of Kernel for OST to PST released with better features and GUI. The tool offers faster and more precise OST to PST conversion after some algorithm enhancements and bug fixes. The tool now supports OST files of all Exchange and Outlook versions. So, this is one of the finest tools for smooth OST to PST conversion.

05 Jan
Kernel OST Viewer Updated

An updated version (Version 21.1) of Kernel OST Viewer gets released. It now offers better OST viewing options and features after many improvements. It is more efficient and powerful now because of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Also, it supports OST files of even the latest Outlook/Exchange versions. Anyone can open and view OST file content owing to its friendly interface and intuitive features. It is the best tool available for OST file viewing.

05 Jan
A brand-new version of Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes is released

Version 21.0 of Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes is released. It now migrates local NSF files and Domino Server NSF files to Office 365 Groups directly. It now supports migrations to Mailbox, Archive Mailbox, Public Folder, and Office 365 Groups to save local NSF files, Domino Server, or SmartCloud Notes files. After some minor bug fixes, the performance of the tool is improved too.

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