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29 June
Kernel Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST Version 23.2

Introducing Version 23.2 of Kernel Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST Version 23.2

We are excited to announce the release of the Kernel Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST Tool version 23.2. This latest release beings a remarkable increase in the export speed, revolutionizing your Office 365 mailbox exports. This latest version also introduces several security measures to ensure complete protection of your sensitive data against different threats. With Kernel Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST Tool 23.2, you can now experience unparallel speed and advanced security, making it the go-to-solution for seamless and secure data migration.

29 June
Kernel IMAP to Office 365 23.2

Faster migration from IMAP to Office 365 with the latest release of Kernel IMAP to Office 365 23.2

The IMAP to Office 365 transfer tool from Kernel has been popular with businesses of all sizes as it provides a dependable option for easy email data migration. To provide a smooth transition to Office 365, Kernel aims to further improve the tool's performance, security, and speed with version 23.2. Users will experience quicker migration and safer adoption of Office 365 thanks to the necessary improvements in the software's algorithm.

29 June
Kernel Exchange Migrator- Express Edition 23.2

Exchange Migrator Express Edition Gets, Even More, Faster with Version 23.2

Earlier, the team of experts at Kernel launched an Express Edition of Exchange Migrator to speed up the migration process. Now, with the zeal to continuously improve, we are excited to introduce the new version 23.2 which promises a lightning-fast migration process.

You don’t need to waste time on manual methods, which are unproductive and cumbersome. Instead, with the upgraded version, you can migrate Exchange Server and Microsoft 365 mailboxes, groups, and public folders with enhanced speed and accurate results. Install the latest version now and experience the powerful Exchange Migrator- Express Edition.

29 June
Kernel Office 365 Backup and Restore 23.2

Kernel Office 365 Backup and Restore Version 23.2 Promises a Rapid Backup Procedure!

Are you tired of using time-consuming manual methods to take backup of your Microsoft 365 data? Well, not anymore! A robust and quick utility awaits all Microsoft 365 users. With the latest version of the Kernel Office 365 Backup and Restore, you can experience a fast-paced backup process while saving mailbox and group data from Microsoft 365, On-premises Exchange, and Hosted Exchange. The Kernel team believes in constant improvement, and we have successfully resolved all minor bugs. So, get ready to experience a better, improved Microsoft 365 backup procedure with 100% accuracy and security.

29 June
Kernel Office 365 Migration Tool Version 23.2

Upgrade to Kernel Office 365 Migration Tool v23.2 for enhanced migration speed and security

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version, v23.2, of our highly acclaimed Kernel Office 365 Migration tool. Packed with remarkable enhancements, this release brings you unparalleled migration speed, ensuring swift and efficient data transfer.

Our latest version also focuses on enhanced security with meticulous bug fixing, offering you a robust and protected migration process. Upgrade to Kernel Office 365 Migration Tool version 23.2 today and enjoy accelerated migrations while keeping your data safe and secure. Don’t miss out on this game-changing update!

29 June
Kernel Import PST to Office 365 Version 23.2

Introducing the new version for faster and more efficient migration

We are thrilled to announce the release of Kernel Import PST to Office 365 Version 23.2. This latest version introduces several advancements, including significantly increased speed, that will revolutionize your PST import process. Experience lightning-fast transfers, allowing you to swiftly migrate your PST files to Office 365.

Along with enhanced speed, the updated version of our tool incorporates other cutting-edge advancements, ensuring seamless and efficient data transfers. Upgrade to the latest version of the tool and enjoy the increased performance, reliability, and productivity. Stay ahead of the curve and streamline your data management with this update.

20 June
Kernel Migrator for SharePoint 23.3

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint 23.3 – Better, Faster, and Safer.

The latest version of Kernel Migrator for SharePoint 23.3 is compatible with Office 365 GCC High, GCC, DOD, and other commercial Microsoft 365 plans. The updates in the migration algorithms have improved migration quality in all the modules. There is a sizeable improvement in the migration of SharePoint sites, libraries, groups permissions, unique permissions, and permission levels.

Now, the software uses user mapping by CSV for MS Teams Post, 1:1 chat, and group chat conversion migration. The migration speed for Public Folder to SharePoint and File systems to OneDrive has become quicker too.

8 May
Released Exchange Migrator Express Edition Version 23.1

An updated version of the tool to enhance your Exchange Server and Office 365 migration experience.

Kernel has released version 23.1 of its Exchange Migrator – Express Edition tool, which offers increased migration speed and supports Office 365 Groups migration using Modern Authentication. With the new version, businesses can complete migrations more quickly, reducing downtime and minimizing the risk of data loss.

Additionally, now users can easily migrate Office 365 Groups to another Office 365 tenant or Exchange Server, ensuring a seamless data transition. Overall, the latest version of the Kernel Exchange Migrator Express Edition tool comes with an essential upgrade for businesses looking to streamline their migration process.

8 May
PST to Office 365 Migration- Version 23.1

Directly import PST into Office 365 in a jiffy!

The latest version, 23.1 of the PST to Office 365 Migration, launches the all-new feature to import PST files into Office 365 Groups directly without any hassle. PST files can contain important data that can be a discussion in the Group. The newest version also brings improved speed, functionality, and user experience and continues to be a reliable and secure platform. The process of importing PST into primary, archive & shared mailboxes remains the same and has only improved.

Just move on to Modern Authentication and get going with importing your PST into Microsoft 365 Groups and more.

5 May
Quicker and enhanced version of the Exchange Backup & Restore Tool is released with additional features

Kernel, a leading provider of data recovery and migration solutions, has announced the release of version 23.1 of its popular Exchange Backup & Restore Tool. The new version includes advanced features such as increased backup speed and support for Groups backup using Modern Authentication. These enhancements enable organizations to protect their Exchange data more efficiently and reliably, making disaster recovery and compliance easier than ever before.

With the release of version 23.1, Kernel continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering innovative, effective, and updated solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers. This update will empower organizations to safeguard their critical data in a better way and achieve their business objectives with more confidence.

5 May
Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST- Version 23.1

No more worrying about exporting Office 365 Groups to PST files!

Many users prefer to take a backup of their Microsoft 365 data and save it in the most secure file format, which is PST. They are unable to export Office 365 Groups. Well, not anymore! The Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST tool has added another feather to the cap by introducing an easy exporting process of Groups to the PST format using the Modern Authentication option. The tool also provides a few other options to save your Groups data- HTML, DOC, PDF, EML, MSG, and more. It has also paced up the exporting process to value to user’s time and efforts.

With the release of version 23.1, the Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST continues to make practical, innovative, and valuable improvements.

5 May
IMAP to Office 365 Migration- Version 23.1

Smoothly migrate data from IMAP to Office 365 with the latest version!

The IMAP to Office 365 Migration tool is already known for providing seamless migration from all major IMAP clients like Yahoo Mail, Outlook,

AOL, Gmail, Zimbra & many more to the leading cloud platform- Microsoft 365. Its latest update brings another remarkable feature where users can directly migrate from IMAP to Office 365 Groups. The IMAP to Groups migration is enriched with the same simple procedure and several filter options. The advancements have also made IMAP migration faster and more secure.

With this 23.1 version, the software continues to deliver an effortless migration process for all its users. It is on the right track to becoming an all-inclusive IMAP to Office 365 utility.

5 May
Better and Improved Office 365 Backup & Restore Version 23.1 has been Launched

An updated version of the Office 365 Backup & Restore tool comes with some exciting features to safeguard your data more effectively.

Now get more with the latest version of Office 365 Backup and Restore tool. The announcements of the latest version, 23.1, come with several new features and enhancements in the tool, making it easier for users to protect their crucial data. One of the significant improvements in the latest version is the increased backup and restore speed, allowing users to perform backups and restores at a much faster pace, saving valuable time and effort.

Additionally, the tool now supports secure backup of Office 365 Groups, which ensures that users can protect their Groups data without compromising security. Now, you can also export Groups to PST in the latest version.

Overall, the newly released version significantly improved over the previous version, providing users with enhanced speed, security, and flexibility to protect their crucial data.

5 May
Office 365 Migration- Version 23.1

Big relief for migrating Microsoft 365 Groups securely with V23.1!

The constant worry about being unable to migrate Office 365 Groups ends right here! Office 365 Groups is the actual platform where individuals collaborate and generate ideas. It becomes necessary to migrate it as well safely. Now, with the latest Office 365 Migration software version, you can easily migrate Microsoft 365 Groups from one tenant to another without complexities. All the rest of the features seamlessly apply in the migration of Groups. Users still have the flexibility to select various filters and even skip a few items. The cherry on the cake is the amplified speed of the entire migration task.

All you need to do is opt for Modern Authentication and complete your Groups migration tasks rapidly.

6 April
Better, safer, and improved SharePoint Migrator version 23.2 is launched.

In all its modules, SharePoint Migrator v 23.2 is better prepared for all types of data migration. The speed of team chats, channels, and tabs have all risen due to a change in the team connection method.

The source site's home page will continue to be the site's home page in the destination SharePoint site, which will also use the same template as the source site. The logo from the original website will move rapidly as well. The speed of list/library content migration has significantly improved.

Bulk user data migration for OneDrive migration is now better supported by importing CSV data. The mapping of source and OneDrive users has been improved for Google Drive to OneDrive migration.