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11 Nov
Our company is releasing a superior version of SharePoint Migration 22.5

With SharePoint Migration 22.5, you will save your time and energy in completing more considerable migrations for all supportive features of SharePoint. Now, the site pages will transfer to the destination site quicker, and all the items from the list and library will move in lesser time too. With accommodative changes in the software’s algorithm, all the cloud-based migration will run faster for each platform. All batches for Google Drive, MS Teams, and OneDrive migration will complete in lesser time.

21 Sep
Quicker and more accurate SharePoint Migration released

The latest version (22.4) of SharePoint Migration is enhanced with a significant number of features that help in various migrations. Now, SharePoint users can connect with multiple sites more quickly as the login wizard has been simplified. There is enhancements in public folder connection with Outlook profile and Google Drive connection with a personal account. During MS Teams migration, there are various filters for chats, channel posts & tabs, etc.

You can check MS Teams migration in the trial version too. It will migrate a single Team to another Team completely. Only the Chats folder will not migrate. The migration speed for various projects (SharePoint List & Library migration, OneDrive migration, Google Drive migration, Public Folder to SharePoint migration) is increased. There is also an enhancement in SharePoint List & Library and Documents Versioning migration.

21 July
Release Announced: SharePoint Migration (22.3)

SharePoint Migration (22.3) gets released to meet the advanced migration requirements of SharePoint users. Now you can migrate SharePoint sites to the destination with all its look and feel, i.e., with company custom logo, site logo, and custom page designs. And after the migration, List & Library IDs will be the same in the source and destination. Chat history migration is also more efficient now as both the login modes support quick and easy migration of chat history. Another major improvement is the facility for the migration and backup of personal Google Drive users. After many bug fixes and performance enhancements, all migrations are now smoother and more efficient.

13 July
An updated version released for Lotus Notes to Outlook

The newly released version 22.4 of Lotus Notes to Outlook migrates Domino/Notes NSF files in bulk using a CSV file. And it supports the migration of all languages and date/time formats with the support to the Unicode format. Also, you can migrate data from HCL Notes/Domino 12 too. With all these enhancements, For Lotus Notes to Outlook is more beneficial for Notes/Domino users for Office 365 migrations.

08 July
An update released for Notes to Office 365 migration tool

The latest version (22.4) of Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes has enhanced features for Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration. It offers smoother migration of email metadata, including Cc, To, etc. After some bug fixes and algorithm updates, it assures better handling of failed/duplicate item migration. With the support for Notes/Domino 12 versions, it is one of the best tools for Notes to Office 365 migration.

08 July
A new version released for Office 365 Migration

A new version (22.3) of Office 365 Migration is available with enhanced features to improve the quality of Office 365 migrations. Accessing Office 365 server is now smoother with no access errors there. Users can access Office 365 Groups (with MFA/Modern authentication enabled) in Basic Authentication. So, after a few bug fixes and algorithm improvements, it is one of the best Office 365 migration tools available.

08 July
An enhanced version of KME - Express is available now

The latest version (22.3) of Exchange Migration - Express Edition offers improved and better features for its users. First of all, Office 365 users will not face any Access Denied error in the recent version after some bug fixes. Also, they can access Office 365 Groups by logging in with Basic Authentication when MFA/Modern Authentication is enabled. These recent updates make Office 365 migrations smooth and effortless.

08 July
Version (22.3) of Office 365 Backup & Restore released

An updated version of Office 365 Backup & Restore gets released with many improved features and better working. Now Office 365 Groups are more accessible with Basic Authentication (when MFA/Modern authentication is enabled). And you won’t face the Office 365 Access Denied error in the updated version after the bug fixes and algorithm updates. So, it is a great backup/restore tool for all Office 365 users.

08 July
Release of Import PST to Office 365 (22.3)

Get ready for a better PST import experience with the updated version of Import PST to Office 365. With MFA/Modern authentication enabled, Office 365 users can now easily access Groups using Basic Authentication. And after minor bug fixes, they will not face any error while accessing Office 365. With the improved features and working, all Office 365 users are going to benefit substantially from this tool.

08 July
A new version is available for Office 365 Backup

Office 365 Backup, the popular Exchange Online backup tool, becomes new after some algorithm updates and bug fixes. With this tool, you won’t face the Access Denied error while accessing Office 365. Now, it offers better Office 365 Groups backup facility with Basic Authentication. Also, the backup process is now fast and smooth. Thus, it is a great backup tool for all Office 365 users.

06 July
Exchange Server Recovery 22.1 is upgraded better for cloud accounts

Our company has updated its primary Exchange recovery software – Exchange Server Recovery with some crucial changes like it now supports Office 365 account with multi-factor authentication enabled. It connects Office 365 with modern authentication methodology too. There is an enhancement in exchange email recovery with minute properties like To, from, and Cc.

06 July
Exchange Suite 22.1 is launched with new and improved features

Exchange Suite 22.1 is empowered with latest features for retrieving EDB mails as it recovers email properties like To, From, and Cc accurately. The Office 365 accounts where multi-factor authentication is enabled can connect with the application too. For secure login, a new modern authentication method is introduced for better platform connection.

11 May
Released: New Version of Office 365 Migration

The newly released version 22.3 of Office 365 migration ensures better migration of Office 365 Groups, providing a separate listing for Office 365 Groups in the software interface. Also, after the recent algorithm improvements and bug fixes, the tool performs more efficiently for Office 365 (all plans) migration. So, it is now, one of the best tools for Office 365 migrations.

11 May
Office 365 Backup & Restore Gets Updated

An updated version (22.3) of Office 365 Backup & Restore gets released with better Office 365 Groups backup/restore features. By listing Office 365 Groups separately, the tool makes it easier for users to back up and restore them. The tool is faster and more accurate now after its routine improvements and bug fixes. With support for all Office 365 plans, it is now one of the most widely used tools for Office 365 backup and restores tasks.

11 May
Updated Version of Import PST to Office 365 Released

Import PST to Office 365 (v. 22.3) gets released with some advanced features related to Office 365 Groups. Office 365 Groups are now visible separately in the new version. Also, the tool is more efficient and offers smooth importing of PST files to all Office 365 plans. Office 365 users are going to benefit from all these advanced features.

11 May
Office 365 Backup (v22.3) Released

Version 22.3 of Office 365 Backup is available now. It has an enhanced Office 365 Groups backup feature which lists Office 365 Groups separately for backup. Also, the tool is more precise and faster after many feature enhancements and performance improvements. With full support for all Office 365 plans, it has become one of the most beneficial tools for Office 365 users.

11 May
An Update Released for SharePoint Migration

An updated version (22.2) of SharePoint Migration is now available to improve the migration experience of SharePoint users. The tool now supports sequential migration of SharePoint Lists and Libraries, making the migration smoother and more efficient. And it migrations versions and Lookup columns of SharePoint List/Library. Now the migration scheduling feature is available with Modern Authentication too. Users can have a better OneDrive and Teams migration experience after the recent algorithm improvements and bug fixes. Thus, it is a comprehensive migration tool for all SharePoint users.

11 May
Exchange Migration - Express Edition(v.22.3) Available Now

Exchange Migration - Express Edition is now available with more advanced features for Office 365 Groups migration. The new version (22.3) shows all Groups associated with the account separately with a click of the button. In the new version, Office 365 migration is very fast and accurate too. It is a very useful tool for all organizations, irrespective of the Office 365/Microsoft 365 plan they are using.

15 Mar
SharePoint Migration – A new version gets released

SharePoint Migration (Version 22.1) gets updated to meet the emerging challenges of enterprise-level SharePoint migrations. To ensure the overall security of SharePoint logins, it supports Modern Authentication (based on multi-factor authentication). SharePoint logins are now easier and smoother, and users can try SharePoint/SharePoint Online/File System/File Server/Public Folder to SharePoint Online migration without any hassles. After the recent algorithm improvements and bug fixes, the migrations of Lists, Libraries, and Permissions are more efficient and precise with this tool. Microsoft Teams migrations have also improved significantly. So, according to KernleApps, the latest version of the tool is a major help for users for SharePoint migrations.

15 Mar
Exchange Migration - Express Edition Gets Updated

A newly updated version (22.2) of Exchange Migration - Express Edition gets released to meet the migration challenges of all Exchange and Office 365 users. The updated version offers smooth and effortless Group migrations. Its enhanced features and updated algorithms ensure accuracy, speed, and simplicity in Exchange and Office 365 migrations. It supports all Office 365 plans and Exchange versions too. Our company has done everything to make it one of the best tools for Exchange and Office 365 migrations.

15 Mar
Announces the Release of Office 365 Migration – Version 22.2

The eagerly anticipated version 22.2 of Office 365 Migration gets released. The recent version offers better facilities for Office 365 Group migrations. It is more efficient and accurate after some algorithm updates and bug fixes. Also, there are many feature enhancements and updates that make it more user-friendly. All Office 365 / Microsoft 365 plans are supported by this tool now. Our company has released this updated version keeping in mind the migration requirements of all Office 365 users.

03 Feb
Import PST to Office 365 22.1 is upgraded with better performance

Now importing Outlook PST files to Office 365 is going to become easier with new version of import PST to Office 365 22.1 as it has been upgraded by our company. The time taken by the software to move large sized PST file is shortened significantly. Also, the software will accommodate new data smartly in Office 365 mailboxes.

03 Feb
Our company upgraded Office 365 Backup & Restore 22.1 today

Our company has always maintained a greater standard in their Office 365 related software with constant updated and today it has updated Office 365 Backup & Restore software. Now, Office 365 users can take a quick backup or restore their PST files from Outlook to Office 365 quickly, accurately, and securely. The latest version of software is adaptable in managing both Office 365 accounts and PST files safely.

03 Feb
Use the brand-new version of Office 365 Backup 22.1

Office 365 Backup users are going to get better results that will take backup of their mailboxes in a better manner. After the changes in the algorithm of the software, the backup speed for primary mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder are almost doubled. It can also access Office 365 accounts quickly.