28 Dec
The latest version of Migrator for SharePoint released

Migrator for SharePoint gets a new version (20.12) that offers better features and efficiency. The ‘Find site collection’ option in the new version of the tool facilitates easy addition and display of all the active modern sites in Office 365. Also, it now offers faster OneDrive migrations and more efficient scheduling. With the new version, Migrator for SharePoint users get support for Nintex workflow and forms, other language SharePoint migrations, and more. With some minor bug fixes and many updates, Migrator for SharePoint is more useful for all SharePoint users.

17 Dec
New Update Released - Video Repair Version 20.12

Version 20.12 of Video Repair is faster and more precise with enhanced video repairing capabilities. It repairs all kinds of video files, that too, in an effortless manner. KernelApps expects that more and more video users will be using this tool for their video repair requirements.

14 Dec
Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes - a new version gets launched!

Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes 20.12 version gets released. It now facilitates Lotus Notes/Domino migration to Office 365 archive mailbox, public folder, and mailbox. The tool, after some enhancements and bug fixes, has become faster and more precise. The tool is going to be more beneficial for Notes to Office 365 migrations.

09 Nov
Migrator for SharePoint 20.11 with new migration features

KernelApps has recently upgraded its SharePoint migration software that has witnessed a faster migration for the SharePoint, Public Folder, and Office 365 mailboxes. Moreover, the new version can handle the migration between the OneDrive account with the help of suitable migration features like scheduling and overwriting the existing files. The migration between OneDrive tenants can be one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many.

28 Sep
KernelApps upgrades Import PST to Office 365 Version 20.9

The new version of the Import PST to Office 365 is now available with better facilities to import large sized PST files. Now the large-sized PST files will be migrated to Office 365 faster with more security. Also, it now offers better support to all PST files and Office 365 plans.

28 Sep
KernelApps is upgrading IMAP to Office 365 20.9

KernelApps has updated the migrator software for IMAP to Office 365 migration. The new version of the software will access the IMAP accounts and migrate their data to the desired Office 365 mailbox from any plan. The efficiency of the migration has improved pretty much to handle even the large-sized mailboxes.

28 Sep
The launch of Office 365 Backup & Restore 20.9

KernelApps is launching an updated version of its important cloud tool – Office 365 Backup & Restore 20.9. Now, the new tool will complete Office 365 backup and restore processes in a faster manner. The algorithms of the software are powerful enough to handle the large-sized Office 365 mailboxes.

28 Sep
KernelApps launches Office 365 Backup 20.9

The cloud-based application to take the backup of Office 365 has got some updates in the latest version. The tool will access bigger mailboxes and folders, apply the filters, and save the data to PST. The software is faster and more accurate too. Moreover, it supports all Office 365 plans.

28 Sep
The launch of new Office 365 Migrator 20.9

Office 365 Migrator 20.9 is the upgraded version of the software from KernelApps. The latest software version supports all types of Office 365 plans, and the user can complete the migration for large-sized mailboxes quickly. The overall speed of migration has enhanced significantly.

25 Sep
Exchange Server Recovery 20.10 launched

The latest changes in the Exchange Server Recovery 20.10 are going to help the Exchange administrators. The scanning, retrieving, and saving processes of the corrupt Exchange files will take less time and give better results. The changes in the software have given the capacity to recover the large-sized databases easily.

25 Sep
The launch of Exchange Suite 20.10

KernelApps has made some changes in its Exchange Suite and launched its new version – Exchange Suite 20.10. Whenever the user runs a recovery or migration process, the tool will handle it faster than the previous version. It offers better support for the latest versions of Exchange too.

25 Sep
The launch of newer Migrator for Exchange – Express Edition 20.9

Migrator for Exchange has become faster with the new changes in the software. The latest version, Migrator for Exchange – Express Edition 20.9, offers a more efficient Exchange to Exchange migration. The overall time required to complete the migration has been lowered.

25 Sep
Migrator for Exchange 20.10 released

Now upgrade your Exchange Server platform to the better version with Migrator for Exchange 20.10 that is equipped with better migration features. Whenever the user requires to migrate the large-sized databases to a different version, then the tool will complete it in the minimum time and with accuracy. You can use this tool with all the Exchange Server versions.

25 Sep
The launch of Migrator for SharePoint 20.10

The latest version of Migrator for SharePoint will allow you to accomplish faster SharePoint migrations. The folder and folder list views will open quickly, and the migration between two Office 365 accounts has become faster. The overall efficiency of all kinds of SharePoint Online migrations has improved now.

25 Sep
Launches an updated Photo Repair 20.9 tool

KernelApps has made changes in its Photo repair tool with the enhanced algorithms. The new version of the software is better equipped to handle the corruption in multiple image formats. The speed of the scan and corruption removal is faster than the previous version. Overall, it is a more efficient utility now.

25 Sep
The latest version of Video Repair 20.9

Video Repair has got an update with better algorithms. The updates have made it faster and more efficient in handling the corruption. It will handle the large sized videos more efficiently now.

28 Aug
Launches the new version of Migrator for SharePoint

An updated version of Migrator for SharePoint 20.8 has been launched with some improved features. The user can now migrate user-defined custom metadata to the target list and library using CSV files. The improvements in the software and some minor bug fixes will help the user to conduct a faster migration with accuracy.

24 Aug
The latest update announced – Lotus Notes to Outlook v20.8

The latest version of Lotus Notes to Outlook has been released. Users would experience faster and smoother migration of contacts, groups, and calendar with the new version. The overall migration process and the support for all the versions of Notes, Domino, Outlook, and Exchange have improved.

24 Aug
Launched - the latest update to Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes

Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes, version 20.8 is the just-released version of the tool. It ensures the smooth migration of special characters. Also, there are improvements in the migration of contacts, calendar, and groups. After the updates, the tool has become more useful for migrations.

19 Aug
SQL Database Recovery released with new updates

The updated version of SQL Database Recovery has been released by KernelApps, which is termed as version 20.8. This version has been upgraded with the newest algorithms and functionalities, which has enhanced the recovery of deleted records and the overall repairing process of corrupt/damaged SQL database files. Also, some earlier bugs in the tool have been fixed to improve accuracy and efficiency.

18 Aug
Video Repair 20.4 released by KernelApps

Users can now download the latest version of the Video Repair tool, which is version 20.4. This version comes with enhanced video repairing facilities and algorithms. In the latest update, the overall video file repairing process has been improved after some minor bug fixes.

18 Aug
The upgraded version of SQL Backup recovery is now available

KernelApps has recently released the latest version of the SQL Backup Recovery tool, which is termed as version 20.8. The newest upgrade in the tool is integrated with advanced algorithms and functionalities, which enhances the recovery of highly corrupted SQL files. Besides, the overall performance of the tool has also been improved in terms of accuracy, speed, and consistency.

24 July
Exchange Server gets an updated version

Exchange Server(Version 20.7) has become more powerful after the recent updates. For the ease of data management, it introduces a split PST option while exporting a single Exchange mailbox messages to a new Outlook PST file (earlier this facility was available only for the export of multiple mailboxes). Now, the log report generation facility is available for the export of single mailboxes too. Also, the data-saving process has become smoother and quicker.

24 July
The updated version for Exchange Suite

The latest version of the Exchange Suite has been released (Version 20.7). It now ensures faster export of data from the source to the destination. With the Split PST file feature, the exported messages from any single Exchange mailbox also can be saved to multiple PST files. The log report is now available for export from a single mailbox too. All these updates make it a perfect tool for Exchange administrators.

03 July
New update to Lotus Notes to Outlook is now available

Lotus Notes to Outlook (v20.7) is now available with enhanced performance and new features. It now includes a Search option to find specific NSF files from source Domino Server. The search feature is available to find mailboxes in the target Exchange also. Afer some minor bug fixes, the tool offers improved contacts and calendar migrations.

03 July
Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes Version 20.7 is now available

Office 365 Migrator for Lotus gets updated. The new version (20.7) offers smoother source to target folder mapping. Inclusion of Search filter helps to search for NSF files in the source Domino server. Also, users can now search for mailboxes in target Microsoft 365. Also, the new version offers better calendars/contact migration, more efficient Domino Server/SmartCloud Notes to Microsoft 365 migration and more accurate incremental migration. Overall, it is a better Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 migration.

24 June
The Launch of GroupWise to Exchange 20.7 with Improved Features

GroupWise to Exchange, the migration solution for GroupWise users, has been updated. GroupWise to Exchange 20.7 is equipped with the better migration facilities for contacts, Global Address Book, calendar etc. It offers better Proxy Access connection and also has two new features - to conduct incremental migration and skip duplicate items from migration. Overall, the tool now offers improved GroupWise to Exchange migration.

15 June
The latest version of Outlook Duplicate Remover has been released

KernelApps has launched the newest version of Duplicate Remover, which is version 20.6. This new version is now integrated with improved support for Office 365 Outlook, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019. Also, some minor bugs in the earlier version have been fixed with this new update. Now, users can quickly remove duplicate items from their Outlook mailbox with the improved functionalities of the software.

03 June
The latest version of Import PST to Office 365 is now available for download

KernelApps recently released the latest version of Import PST to Office 365, which is upgraded with new algorithms. This version has been termed as version 20.5 and offers more accuracy and speed while importing PST files to Microsoft 365. Besides, some bugs have also been fixed to improve the overall performance of the tool.

03 June
Migrator for SharePoint gets a new update

Migrator for SharePoint v20.6 gets released. It now owns a more descriptive interface improving the user convenience. Users can get better item level migration and facility for migration from sync cloud drives (Google Drive, OneDrive) to SharePoint now. Overall, the tool is more useful for SharePoint migrations now.

27 May
IMAP to Office 365 (version 20.5) has been released

KernelApps launches the version 20.5 of IMAP to Office 365 with many enhancements. The new version offers improved IMAP server connectivity and smoother mailbox folder expansion. After some minor bug fixes and performance enhancements, the tool now offers faster IMAP to Microsoft 365 migration.

20 May
Launched! Lotus Notes to Outlook – 20.6

With the new version of Lotus Notes to Outlook tool, you can expect improved performance and precise results. After some minor bug fixes and performance enhancements, this tool now guarantees smooth Notes data migration without any hassle.

05 May
The latest version of Migrator for SharePoint 20.5

KernelApps has released the latest version of Migrator for SharePoint 20.5 with some new features. Now the migration speed between existing sites, new sites, and new site collection is enhanced as you can migrate complete site including sub sites and site content. The updates tool will migrate the web part, list, library, and home page as per the version of SharePoint.
There is significant improvements in the migration of list and library, documents permissions, versioning, modification date etc. and the tool will automatically replaces the special character in the list and library names. Moreover, the tool now offers better support to SharePoint 2019.

15 Apr
KernelApps releases new version of OST Viewer

The latest version of OST Viewer has been released in the market, which is termed as version 20.3. The updated tool is now available with modern features and functionality, such as the software mail list preview sorting feature and improved user interface. Moreover, the speed of recovery and preview of OST files has been increased.

15 Apr
The new version of OLM Viewer is now available for downloading.

KernelApps recently released the latest update to OLM Viewer with the version 20.3. The version is integrated with advanced features like software mail list preview sorting, which allows you to sort your emails. Besides, the overall efficiency and accuracy of the tool has improved.

14 Apr
KernelApps launches the latest version of OST to PST converter

The most awaited update of OST to PST Converter has been released by KernelApps, which is version 20.3. The latest update has fixed some minor bugs of the earlier version of the tool, and software mail list preview sorting has been enhanced.

14 Apr
A new version of Exchange Recovery has been released

KernelApps have released the latest update for Exchange Recovery. The newest version has been termed as version 20.5. The latest update is included with new features and functionalities like better mail list preview sorting and faster recovery of the Exchange database.

14 Apr
The newest version of Outlook PST Repair has been released by KernelApps

The most awaited update of Outlook PST Repair has been released by KernelApps, which is version 20.3. The latest update has some minor bug fixes, as well as the software mail list preview sorting enhancement.

14 Apr
KernelApps released the newest version of PST Viewer

KernelApps has recently updated the latest version of PST Viewer, which is termed as version 20.3. The newest update is included with modern features and functionalities, such as mail list preview sorting and fast recovery of Exchange database. Users can easily avail this version from the site.

02 Mar
The newest version of Lotus Notes to Outlook released

The new Lotus Notes to Outlook version 20.3 has got many performance improvements. The new tool is now capable of replacing the invalid or unsupported characters in Notes NSF file to PST supported characters. It even got some minor bugs fixed for better and offers better performance. It performs complete conversion with finer sender/receiver SMTP address export. Also, it now performs folder skipping more precisely. Migration Logs feature is included in the tool to know the status and details of the h content, which is migrated from source to destination.

28 Feb
Exchange Suite - a new version is launched

Find the newly updated Exchange Suite on its website for better Exchange recovery and migration experience. It has a better Data Filter for a quicker date section for selective Exchange migration. The updated tool now offers faster migration and better user experience. Also, it now has better support for the latest Exchange versions.

28 Feb
Exchange Server v20.3 is released

Users can now have the latest version of Exchange Server on the software official website. With the modified version, you get faster and more efficient recovery than before. Also, the date filter for selective data recovery is smoother and more precise after the update. So, this tool is more equipped to meet the migration and recovery requirements of Exchange administrators.

18 Feb
A brand-new version of Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes is just released

We are happy to announce that Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes has got a version update now. The latest version 20.2 is more efficient and accurate after fixing some minor bugs. A few features such as complete folder item migration, attachment migration, retention of date/time and time zone information, etc. are more efficient and accurate now. The latest version now supports flawless migration between Notes and Cloud with full efficiency. The Notes to Office 365 migration tool is now more useful to users.

30 Jan
KernelApps updates GroupWise to Exchange (20.0)

The latest version of GroupWise to Exchange ( 20.0) from KernelApps offers faster migration than its previous versions, and it connects better with GroupWise Mailbox by proxy access. Also, now you can skip duplicate items from migration. These new features make it a more efficient GroupWise to Exchange migration tool.

23 Jan
KernelApps is bringing Migrator for SharePoint 20.0

The updated version of Migrator for SharePoint 20.0 from KernelApps will allow you to witness an enhanced migration speed for SharePoint data. The updates facilitate a quick migration between File system to SharePoint\SharePoint Online, SharePoint to SharePoint\SharePoint Online, Public Folder to SharePoint\SharePoint Online. The permissions for the SharePoint list and libraries are also migrated effectively.

21 Jan
is launching SQL Database 20.0

To provide more ease in the SQL Database recovery, has updated its SQL recovery software with the new updates. SQL Database 20.0 recovers the corrupt data from the MDF/NDF files and works better for the deleted items also. The speed and effectiveness of the recovery speed are also enhanced.

17 Jan
is launching a brand-new Video Repair 20.0

is bringing the Video Repair with a new user-interface where user will find it quite easy to recover the corrupt video(s) of any format. The new interface facilitates the user to select multiple videos collectively and repair them deeply. Also, the speed and quality of the repair process is enhanced.

16 Jan
Outlook Duplicates got promoted with all new version, 20.0

Welcome the latest version of Outlook Duplicates remover tool with the advanced support to the latest Office 365 Outlook and Outlook application 2019 version. A new feature to ignore formatting in text is introduced for users to compare duplicate items efficiently.

10 Jan
brings a new version of SQL Backup Recovery

updates SQL Backup Recovery, and the new version (20.0) is now capable of recovering the BAK files after any corruption. The performance is improved to ensure the efficient recovery of data. The tool is now expected to be more useful for SQL administrators.

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