Kernel PST Password Recovery Tool

A fast and free solution to recover lost/forgotten passwords of personal storage files (PST) from any version of MS Outlook. It immediately displays the recovered passcode in the password field to enjoy uninterrupted access to PST data file.

Restriction-free File AccessRestriction-free File Access

Gain immediate access to password-enabled PST file, without concerning about the password strength and complexity. The free PST password recovery tool decrypts the file password and removes the restriction to access all the information of the PST files, including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, etc.

Functional on all Windows PCs Remove PST Passwords

The ‘Remove Password’ option of the tool is very useful to remove passwords of PST files without damaging its data. After password removal, any Outlook user can use them without any restriction.

Zero Data RiskFree up to 500MB

It is completely free for use with PST files of sizes up to 500MB. It successfully recovers passwords of PST files, sets new passwords for them, or removes passwords as required.

Single-click Password Recovery Single-click Password Recovery

The free PST password recovery tool allows you to smoothly recover Outlook password, without having the technical know-how. The freeware features an intuitive interface, which is easy to understand, and allows retrieving the password in a single mouse-click.

Zero Data RiskSets New Password

The ‘Set New Password’ option of the tool helps user to create new passwords on those PST files which are already password protected. Hence user can easily change the passwords of highly protected PST files.

Single-click Password Recovery Reports after every operation

After every operation, the Outlook password recovery tool displays the summary of the operation, which can be saved to a CSV file for future reference.

Zero Data RiskFunctional on all Windows PCs

Utility can be installed on all versions of Windows platforms including Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2010, Windows 2013, and Windows 2016.

Single-click Password Recovery Zero Data Risk

The free Outlook password recovery tool is fully safe and secure to use. The encrypted passcode of PST file is safely decrypted without harming the data or its integrity


Free Download

System Requirements for Outlook Password Recovery:

Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

System Requirements:

Minimum 64MB of RAM

1. Kernel Outlook Password Recovery tool – To recover, remove, and reset PST passwords.

Add PST file in Outlook Password Recovery Tool
2. Adds PST files for password recovery.

Recover Password in Outlook PST file
3. Password displayed after successfully recovery.

Password Recovery done in Outlook Password Recovery Tool
4. Password removal in Outlook Password Recovery tool.

Remove Password in Outlook PST file
5. Backup prompt before PST password removal.

Backup PST File before password removal
6. Successful removal of PST password.

Remove Password in Outlook PST files
7. Password resetting in Outlook Password Recovery tool.

Set a new password for Outlook PST file
8. Backup prompt before PST password resetting.

Back up PST files before password resetting
9. Password resetting procedure for PST files.

Reset the Password of Outlook PST files
10. Successful resetting of Outlook PST password

Changing Password in Outlook Password Recovery Tool
11. Saving new Outlook PST password to CSV file

Report Saving to CSV in Outlook Password Recovery Tool
1. Is there any hidden charges involved in Kernel Outlook password recovery tool?

No, there is no hidden charge involved in Kernel Outlook Password recovery. This tool is completely free for those PST files whose sizes are not more than 500 MB. But to use it with large PST files, you need to license the software.

2. Can I recover password of corrupt Outlook PST file for free?

Unfortunately, no. The tool performs the password recovery of only healthy PST file. However, you can repair the damaged or corrupt PST file using Kernel for Outlook PST tool, and then retrieve the passcode successfully.

3. Is my mailbox data safe and unaltered after the use of free Outlook password recovery tool?

Yes. The tool performs the PST password recovery, without harming your data and its integrity. Your Outlook mailbox items are unaltered and remain intact after the password is extracted from PST file.

4. Can I create a new password on PST files which are not secured by any password l?

No, this tool sets new passwords only on those PST files which are already password protected.

5. Do I need to buy license or any subscription of this tool if my PST file size is more than 500MB?

Yes. This tool is free only for PST files up to 500 MB size. You can download it free and then you can upgrade it by purchasing the license, when you have to use it with PST files larger than 500MB.

I faced issues because of the password protection of PST files, and wanted to remove passwords. But I did not know how to remove its Password. Then this Outlook Password Recovery Tool helped me remove passwords from my PST files. It’s really an efficient tool.

Client Testimonial Mack Grey

After many failed attempts to open my password-protected PST file, I lost hope that I could regain the access to my file again. After googling the solution, I came across this Kernel PST password freeware, which worked perfectly in my case. I was able to quickly retrieve the lost password, and get back to lost emails and items thereafter. Highly effective tool.

Client Testimonial John M. Walter

The freeware had been a great help for me while accessing my forgotten password of encrypted PST file. It extracted the password and displayed it immediately. Also, the tool was easy to use.

Client Testimonial Scott Williams

I had a large-sized PST file, which was not only heavy but password-protected too. The free PST password recovery tool had successfully cracked the password of the encrypted file and allowed easy access to Outlook data file. However, the extracted password was different than the original password, but it was fully functional. Good job!

Client Testimonial Jeff