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Management Tool

An advanced Outlook email attachment management tool that offers many functions such as archiving, compressing, renaming, filtering, marking, copying, moving, deleting, etc. It allows customizing as well as scheduling attachment-related tasks.

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The tool offers many advanced features for better attachment management.

  • Effective management of email attachments by saving hard drive space.
  • Automatically alters the size of large PST files for improved performance
  • Ensures safety and security of the attachments by providing password protection enhancement.
  • Prevent corruption of PST files and loss of data by saving them to a different folder.
  • Embedded with customization features for efficient handling of attachments.
  • Supports all the versions of Windows and MS Outlook.
  • Keep the Outlook PST files lighter.
  • Removes files from default storage, free up the storage space and reduces Outlook errors.
Attachment Management

Attachment Management Software

Client Testimonials

The tool is earning top reviews and ratings from its users.

Software Features

A great number of features within the minimalistic user-interface to give the best results.

Customize mailbox folders Customize mailbox folders

This is a special feature in Attachment Management, specifies the attachments extraction criteria. It provides filtering settings according to the way we want he attachments to be extracted. After specifying the rule, upcoming attachments will then get processed as the initial set criteria. This rule can be applied both to the read or unread messages. Also, the saved rule can be imported anytime to create new rule in less time.

Password Protection Password Protection

The tool protects the data by providing password protection facility. This built in feature ensures safety and security of all the important attachments by providing the option to secure with a password or not. it eliminates the mental risk of loss of important hidden files as the zip files can be protected by adding a password to it.

Maintains Data Integrity Maintains Data Integrity

On defining the targeted path, the software allows to maintain the hierarchy of the folders by creating a sub folder so that it becomes easy to view the processed attachment. After selecting the location, it displays all the outlook profiles.

Compress attachments Compress attachments

The attachments to be processed can be compressed to as low as 5 kb and above. The compress storage features allow more and more attachments to be saved in this Attachment Management software and hence reducing the excess burden on Outlook PST files and increasing the storage space.

Rename attachments Rename attachments

The name of the processed files can either be unchanged or renamed according to the sender’s name, email received date, subject or without RE or FW. This eliminates the tedious labor hours to find a specific attachment and removes duplicates.

Multiple filters Multiple filters

Numerous filters provided by the software make the review process easy. Under General tab, the processing can be refined as the message subject/file size/name of the attachment, sender’s list/import from CSV in sender’s tab, recipient’s list/remove recipient in recipient tab and include/exclude tab specifies the file extension to be selected, either doc/pdf etc.

Shoot action on message Shoot action on message

The application of various filters can make identification of the emails difficult or you might tend to forget the customization made. But on this Attachment Management tool, you can provide few actions on the messages to simplify the identification of attachments by adding a flag and specifying a flag color such as red, blue, orange, green, purple and yellow; mark as read/unread; save a copy message or move message; delete attachments from the message. It prevents message duplicacy.

Schedule the processing Schedule the processing

One of the unique feature of the tool is that the user can schedule the processing of the attachments and so every time when a new email with attachments is received, you will not have to open the software again and again for the processing.

Short routes for processing Short routes for processing

Apart from the entire process, a shortcut feature is if lets you directly open the processed attachment and restore the attachments to the original location or compress the size of the attachments. Furthermore, it maintains a daily record of the processed attachments in the logs file. The tool provides complete details of which attachment was processed at what time along with the original and modified size of the file.

Additional Settings Additional Settings

This feature helps to manage logs, file, folder and zip name. you can specify the file title according to the number of characters. Add a selected pattern with the folder name if the file path exceeds 255 characters, if the file title in the file path exceeds 255 characters or if the archive title in the file path exceeds 255 characters.

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Remove duplicate items from Outlook using the software.



The software runs on any Windows version and can manage the attachments in any version of Outlook. See more details.

System Requirements
  • Pentium Class Processor
  • Minimum 64MB RAM (128MBrecommended)
  • 10 MB for Software installation
  • Disk Space -at least 10MB of free disk space
Supported Versions
  • MS Outlook Versions - MS Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2016/2019/2021/Office 365
  • Operating systems - 365/11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT/98/95
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Attachment Management


Read the important questions and answers related to the software and get a clear idea about the software.

Yes,The tool works efficiently without any file size limitation. It compresses large and complex files into simpler and smaller formats.

Yes, the trial version of this tool is for 30 days only, and after the completion of the duration, you will have to purchase the licensed version which is an easy step process. You must select Buy Now option, and once processing the payment, the sales team will send the purchase confirmation along with the complete processing report of the software.

The software provides feasible options to the users to save the files in 2 variants. First, the processed files can be saved in hard drive of the computer and second; they can be saved in any accessible network location.

The software is embedded with live software update feature and therefore, you do not have to worry about the software updates as it will receive the latest pack of version updates from the server.

The tool has a log management feature that keeps track of all the processed attachments along with the files size and time with the help of 3 log files- runs now log, automatic mail process and scheduled mail process.


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