Getting connected in an IT-driven environment enhances the key productivity and communication metrics of the company. To achieve high-availability and utmost security in propagating email services, MS Outlook is definitely an intelligent choice. The MS Outlook services are not limited to emails itself as its powerful integration capability with Exchange Server commands over collaborative services such as contact management, blogging, calendaring, etc. MS Outlook email items are stored distinctly at standalone machines and Exchange Server in the form of PST and OST files. It has been seen that when the users and companies get s old, their standalone machines and email servers are occupied with a large number of email items which that need s to be managed.

One must note that the primary reason for any email corruption originates from overloaded mailboxes carrying large-sized attachments. When you look at the technicalities behind the Outlook storage facility, you will find that email headers and information occupies very little space, i.e. approximated to Kilobytes (KB), on hard drives, whereas the attachments dominate s the storage spaces.

If you are using the MS Outlook email infrastructure, then managing the email attachments is always beneficial for you because:

  • It increases productivity by saving your crucial amount of time that would have spent in finding required email attachments.
  • It effectively enhances the server performance.
  • It is a significant factor for speedy Outlook operations.
  • It avoids the inception of error-friendly situations.

Why Users are Looking Out for Outlook Attachment Manager?

MS Outlook users are continuously introducing automated tasks for simplifying the accessibility of emails and handling crucial attachments. Similarly, users are more aware of the benefits reaped from an efficient Outlook attachment manager. Let us discuss what those benefits are.

Security is the Biggest Concern

With an adaptive Outlook attachment manager, one can secure crucial email attachments by imposing the passwords on compressed attachments. There are some outstanding tools that automatically trigger s the attachment retrieval process along with the provisions of making those attachments password protected by compressing them in the ZIP file.

Attachment Accessibility from Shared Location

It is the fact that fetching the same attachment from the shared location helps in reducing overheads on certain parameters like network bandwidth, storage spaces, etc. Extracting and storing the Outlook email attachments at the shared remote location not only increases the availability of information at all times but also reduces the need to store the same information in multiple copies.

Overall Increased Performance

Removing unwanted or duplicate email attachments from Outlook mailboxes occupying megabytes or gigabytes of hard drive spaces definitely gears up the response of basic Outlook facilities such as search functionality, send/receive email process, etc. If you manage heavy Outlook email attachments efficiently, then you can avoid basic technical snags of Outlook related to day-to-day functioning.

Structuring Outlook Attachments Gets Easier

One of the major reasons for losing a crucial amount of time in the Outlook environment is the confusion of segregating and identifying the right email attachments at the right time. The intelligent Outlook attachment manager takes care of that by simply renaming, securing, and storing all email attachments at the desired place in the concrete hierarchy. Now, users are more confident to work on the data they fetch from a large pool of attachments.

If you are aware of the implications and effects of using Outlook attachment manager on your productivity, then getting a comprehensive and dynamic third-party software is the appreciative step. One of the underlying advantages of using the automated Outlook attachment manager is that it eliminates duplicity and avoids error-like situations by limiting the size of PST mailboxes.

Solution – Attachment Management

Attachment Management is the feature-rich platform to scan and manage Outlook attachments without affecting the other Outlook email items. The software incorporates a unique compression feature, several dynamic filters, and an advanced attachment restoration facility. It works proficiently with the MS Outlook 2019, other versions, and Windows 10 platforms.

Some advanced and useful features of Attachment Management tool for Outlook users are listed here –

  • Allows creating a customized rule based on which attachments will be processed
  • Choice of source folder selection from PST mailbox by users to process attachments based on the set rule
  • Choice of destination folder selection for securing the processed attachments
  • Attachments files compression facility based on size
  • Option to move files into a Zip folder which can be protected with a password
  • Offers renaming attachment files based on message and format criteria
  • Different filter options for attachments based on General, Sender, Recipient, and Include/Exclude file types of criteria
  • Different options of actions on attachments like message marking, copying, moving, and delete actions
  • Scheduling facility for the set rule based on time, days, date, and application

Understand this tool better by following the official website and working on its free version.