A few Microsoft applications are available for Mac platforms also. They include Word to create documents, PowerPoint to make presentations, and Excel to develop spreadsheets. Similarly, Outlook for Mac application works as a smart email client to manage email data and ensure Exchange connectivity from Mac. Although the applications’ user interface is different, the features and the usefulness of all the applications remain similar.

A difference between Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac is their data files. Outlook for Mac uses OLM file format and saves the mailboxes in it. When the subscription of MS Office ends, then Outlook also becomes unavailable for usage. You can either upgrade the MS Office with a new license or purchase Microsoft 365 subscription with all the Office applications.

If you only want to make your email account active again, you can recreate it on any other email platform. When you change from Mac system to Windows PC, you require to change the email client also.

In this situation, you can use freeware email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. It is an open-source application from the Mozilla organization that has created the Firefox web browser. You need not purchase any license to use it. There are several features that make it popular among the users-

  • Thunderbird is available to all users without any charge.
  • The user can add multiple email addresses in the application to access them at the same place.
  • There is an address book facility.
  • The user interface is simpler to use.
  • There is an attachment reminder feature in the application.
  • Users can import and export emails.
  • The search feature to find data.
  • There are multiple filters to apply to emails.
  • Can archive email messages.

OLM to PST Conversion

OLM to PST Converter tool helps you convert the OLM files to MBOX format so that you can use them in the Thunderbird application. The software chooses the offline OLM file from its location and scans it thoroughly. Then it shows multiple output formats, and you can select MBOX as the output format.


  1. Start the software from the Applications menu and click the Select File option to start the process.
    Start the software
  2. Click the Browse button to select the OLM file from its location.
     select the OLM file
  3. Click Next after selecting the OLM file.
    Go for Next process
  4. The software shows the Process Information regarding the conversion. Click the Finish button.
    Finish the conversion process
  5. The software will retrieve all the content of the OLM file, and you can see the folder items by selecting them. In the Preview window, the software will show the actual content of the selected folder. Then click the Save option.
    save the file
  6. Select MBOX file as the format and click Next.
    select the MBOX file as formats
  7. Apply filters on the data as required. Then click Next.
    Apply the filter
  8. In the given list of email clients, select Thunderbird as the destination. Also, click the Browse button to select the destination folder for the new MBOX file. Then click Finish.
    select Thunderbird as the destination
  9. After running the migration process, the software will inform that items have been successfully saved at the given location. There is a link that will directly take you to the new MBOX file.
    Find new MBOX file


After checking the software process, you should also read some FAQs that will clear your doubts about the software.

Q. Why is there no manual solution to convert OLM files to MBOX format?

A. Actually, OLM and MBOX format do belong to two different applications and two different operating environments. OLM files are created by Outlook for Mac and MBOX by the Thunderbird application. So, there is no simple manual method to convert such files to another format.

Q. Can I run some date wise conversion with the help of software?

A. You can use the software and convert the file using the filter options. There is a date filter that you can use to convert only the important emails of a specified period and convert them.


When you are moving from Mac OS to Windows, there is no need to recreate the account in the new application. You can move the existing mailboxes from Outlook for Mac to Thunderbird using Kernel OLM to PST converter. The software has multiple output formats that support different applications. After the conversion, you can access the data using the supported applications.