As an email application, MS Outlook conducts a great job which makes it far better and user-friendly in comparison to other email programs. In fact, today a wide number of people across the world are making use of MS Outlook as their emailing solution and at the same time they do not want at all to lose the information stored in it. But there are times when it gets hard to successfully manage Outlook, due to various factors. Situations do arise when it become slow or unresponsive due to some kind of error messages.

One of error message which might occur is stated as below:

.pst is not a personal folder file

pst is not a personal folder file

This error message itself indicates about the issue that directly relates to the file of Outlook i.e. Outlook PST File (.pst). We all very well know that MS Outlook PST file is very much responsible for retaining all the Outlook data, and facing any condition that corrupts or makes it difficult to access the .pst file cannot be taken very lightly. In fact, any harm to .pst file could result in the loss of entire Outlook data. The error message mentioned above clearly indicates the corruption of MS Outlook PST file.

The possible cause for Outlook .pst is not a personal folders file error could be:

  • Crash or inappropriate reinstallation of operating system
  • Taking backup of PST file even when the work is still running in MS Outlook
  • Unexpected system shutdown when Microsoft Office Outlook is still running


Before you get to know about the suitable way to tackle any such situation, it is important that you note that the PST file is composed of two parts, the file header, and the following data part. In general, the file header contains the information about the whole file, like file signature, file size, etc. Once, the header gets damaged, and cannot be recognized, MS Outlook will consider the complete file as invalid and report such error as mentioned above.

To repair the corrupt PST file, one can very well make use of Inbox Repair utility (scanpst.exe). This inbuilt utility scans and repairs the corrupt PST file. Generally the default location of scanpst.exe is: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033. Moreover, there is a possibility that the utility may further show you some error that it has found in the PST file. But, sometimes it happens that it does not find any error and yet you are not able to open your .pst file in Outlook. Scanpst.exe may recover the file based upon some factors like the less corruption level or if the pst file size is not exceeding 2 GB etc. But, talking about the error, if the Scanpst.exe utility fails to rectify the condition, then usage of a third party PST repair tool like Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is ideally suitable. The software can very well recover emails, attachments, images, notes, email properties (like To, From, Subject, CC, BCC, Date, and Time), and all other items from damaged PST files. To operate the software, you don’t have to be an expert. It has got an interactive user-interface that makes it ideal for any user to run. Apart from that, the software allows saving of PST file based upon explicit date from selected date range.