Windows 10 updated version released on 10 April 2018 is embedded with exciting features that have highlighted some of the breathtaking results. It has brought technology to a brand-new level and has eased out the lives of the people around to a great level.

In this blog post, we will discuss what’s new with the advanced version of Windows 10 which has come a long way to make life smooth and tech savvy. Some of the common listing effects include a blur effect on the taskbar, Bluetooth pairing, timeline, focus effects and many more.

Below is the brief discussion of some of the best-known features which I found the most impactful:


  2. Out of various additions in the advanced version of Windows 10, Timeline is by far the best of all. It has replaced the otherwise familiar task view button to an enhanced version where you can see the current running activities and applications along with the activities of past 30 days. On clicking the task view bar, first will be the activities of “Earlier Today” and below will show the previous days browsing history.

    This feature helps in resuming the previous day’s activities which were left undone due to some or the other reasons. You can directly jump on the previous days’ work and start from where you left.


  4. This enhanced feature lets you share all the website links, phots, audios, videos and other documents to the nearby system working on Windows 10. It is a quick and easy option that allows sharing of the files to colleagues or friends with Bluetooth connectivity or connecting though a Wi-Fi. Connectivity by a sharing device allows discovering people who have their potential devices available.


  6. Continuous hours of working demand 100% concentration which is often distracted by social advertisements and various other multimedia promotions. This new feature of Windows 10, called Focus Assist aids to block such notifications and alerts to enable focused work. You can prioritize the notification or a few applications if you wish them to be bling while focusing on other important work. For example, you are working on some important presentation work and do not want any disruptions then in that case you can change the settings of Focus Assist from Action Center and modify the display settings and set the priority contacts as per your needs. The best part is as soon as the work is done, an entire summary of all the notifications and alerts appear on the screen.


  8. The worst part about earlier windows versions is that any software related update used to arrive suddenly which often blocked the system for more than an hour. But now the latest version has provided us with a best solution to tackle with the updates. First, if there is any update to be installed, then it sends warning messages, and you can schedule the installation as per your convenience. Secondly, to prevent abruption in the middle of something, most of the important updates take place in the background itself.


  10. One of the standout features in Windows 10 is Cortana. Similar to Siri for IOS and Google Assistant for Android, Cortana is for Windows. It is a full-fledged personalized experience to manage your day to day activities. Cortana is the biggest development feature for Windows 10. It works on your voice command without requiring you to be present at the spot. One of the finest things involved with Cortana is that you can even set reminders for every minute things of work that you otherwise tend to forget. Furthermore, if you have a windows phone or Cortana installed on your Android device, you can sync notifications between the phone and PC and perform the tasks at an easy pace.


Above were the most notifying updates according to my personal experience after working on Windows 10 for a week. Apart from the ones mentioned above, other few updates include PC Gaming, Dictation, Microsoft edge that lets your noisy notifications mute, windows ink and HDR vides.

Windows 10 has carried our lives one step closer to the smarter world. All the basic requirements related to work can now be easily met with this updated version of Windows 10. Kudos to the world of technology that has made the standard of living to a new cutting-edge.