MBOX is a popular email file format widely used by many open-source email clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, Opera, etc. Also, Gmail uses this format for backing up its emails. For these reasons, MBOX email clients are popular with home users and individuals. But enterprise-level uses are not impressed with these open source email clients as they lack advanced features. So, they prefer professional email clients like MS Outlook. However, there are many situations in which MBOX users have to move their MBOX emails to Outlook PST format. However, MBOX file conversion is not going to be an easy process if you are looking for manual methods. There are many reasons to avoid the manual methods for MBOX to PST migration.

Reasons to Avoid the Manual Techniques

Reasons to Avoid the Manual Techniques info-graphics

  1. Complicated process:
    Manual techniques are very complicated, and so users may get confused about the steps.
  2. Time-consuming:
    It consumes much more time than automated techniques.
  3. Unorganized data:
    Once the data is successfully migrated to PST with manual techniques, the user will find that data is not in an organized form. Manual approaches may affect the folder hierarchy if not done correctly.
  4. No shortcuts:
    The entire manual technique is quite lengthy. So, when you are using it, you cannot stop it in the middle. And there are no shortcuts to finish it fast.
  5. Data loss:
    No manual process guarantees data security and integrity. So, you may lose data.
  6. Not suitable for unskilled users
    A manual approach is tough to understand, lengthy and complicated. So, it is not suitable for non-technical users.

Reasons to Use Automated Solution

KDR Tools has a very amazing MBOX to PST Converter tool for converting MBOX files to PST. It helps you convert MBOX files of any MBOX email clients to PST files compatible with any version of Outlook.

Below are the reasons to use the automated technique, i.e., MBOX to PST Converter.

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Top 6 reasons to use Automated Technique

  1. Quick and easy conversion
    MBOX to PST is an easy and quick conversion tool. It does not take too much time to convert even large MBOX files to PST.
  2. Export multiple files to PST
    This utility allows you to convert single as well as multiple MBOX files to PST files. You can add a single file or an entire MBOX folder at the time of conversion.
  3. Live data preview
    This tool allows its users to see a preliminary view of the entire MBOX file before saving it to PST.
  4. Support 20+ MBOX clients
    This tool allows you to migrate MBOX files of more than 20 email clients to PST files.
  5. Split your MBOX data in PST
    With this tool, you can also save your MBOX files in multiple PST files with its PST split PST feature.
  6. Software compatibility
    MBOX to PST is 100% compatible with all the versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS.

Final Verdict

Converting MBOX files to PST with a third-party tool is much secure and reliable than trying a manual method. MBOX to PST has many brilliant features and is easy to use even for non-technical users. And all these features make it one of the most popular MBOX to PST converters.

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