Gmail and Outlook, both are very popular and important email clients widely used by individuals and organizations. Both the applications together provide a smooth and hassle-free email communication experience.

Almost every Gmail user, configures a Gmail account in Outlook to send and receive emails. This is done in two ways – with IMAP settings or POP settings.

Although both the applications come with some cool features and advanced technology, they may also face glitches. Such a problem which users are complaining about recently is ‘not receiving emails in Outlook.’

This blog is dedicated to fix the same, keep reading to know why this problem might be occurring and how to fix it.

Reasons why you might not be receiving emails in Gmail

Well, not just Outlook, Gmail also may stop receiving emails, which is a general occurrence. So, before looking for a solution, let’s discuss some common reasons why Gmail may stop receiving emails. You might stop receiving emails in Gmail due to:

  • Gmail services are down currently, due to Google server issues
  • No free space is left in Gmail for new emails
  • Inappropriate filter settings like Spam filtering that are interfering with receiving emails
  • Email forwarding is enabled in Gmail
  • Antivirus is enabled like Windows firewall
  • Some issues in the browser and mail app which is making them unable to sync with Gmail servers.

All of the above reasons may block your incoming emails in Gmail. So, they might also be the reason why you are not receiving emails from Outlook.

Start Receiving Gmail Emails in Outlook

If you have cheeked all the reasons mentioned for not receiving emails in Gmail and everything is fine from that side, let us get started with some fixes:

  • Open Gmail in any other browser
  • If you are not receiving emails in Gmail, then try opening Gmail with a browser. This makes a lot of difference as the settings of your current browser might be blocking all those emails from syncing. If it doesn’t work with one browser, try 2-3 browsers. If the problem is fixed with any of them that means that the problem was in the browser.

  • Enable POP or IMAP settings

    Another way to start receiving the emails in Gmail from Outlook is by enabling the POP or IMAP settings. Let us know what all is important to enable in the pop and IMAP settings:

    1. Open Gmail in any browser and open Settings.
    2. Now look for the Forwarding and IMAP/POP settings.
    3. Enable the required settings (IMAP or pop) as per your requirement.
  • Turn off or disable Windows Defender Firewall

    Active or enabled Windows Defender Firewall can cause a problem in the Gmail functioning. So, it is advised to try turning it off by navigating to Windows Defender Firewall in the Control Panel and click on the Turn on or off Windows Defender Firewall option and finally select the radio button against the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall option and click OK.

  • Remove/Delete Existing Gmail Filters

    As mentioned earlier, inappropriate Gmail filters can restrict users to receive emails in the Gmail application. So, move to the Gmail Settings, switch to the Filters and blocked addresses tab, select the inappropriate filter one by one and click on the Delete option to delete it permanently.

Follow the above-mentioned methods and, you will not face any such issues further. So, here we have solved the issue for you, but what about other Outlook-related issues? How to tackle them? One of the most common problems users face in Outlook is a corrupt PST. A PST may get corrupt due to many reasons and fixing it can become the most difficult task. So, what do you do in that case? Keep Reading!

Repair corrupt PST files

Outlook may behave abnormally if the PST file is corrupt, and hence it becomes very important to fix that PST. If you are in trouble due to a corrupt PST, then try Outlook PST Recovery. It fixes any type of corruption in a PST and makes it healthy again.

This third-party automated tool fixes many PST files in a single cycle and saves them at a the desired location on your system and hard drive. Try this amazing tool to fix corruption in any sort of PST file irrespective of its size, without making any change to its original format and structure.



In this blog, we have discussed a problem where the users are unable to receive Gmail emails in Outlook. We tried to mention all the reasons why this problem might be arising. After following all the manual suggestions mentioned and explained, the user will be able to receive emails in Outlook without any problem. Also, for moderate to severe PST corruption, we have recommended using Outlook PST Recovery.