“With better user-experience compared to what other email clients offer and useful features that are packed within, Microsoft’s Outlook tops the list of best email clients for desktop available for different operating systems.”

Categories” is one of the many features that Outlook has to offer. Outlooks’ use is not limited to a specific segment; individuals, corporates, businesses, or organizations, but all use Outlook to meet their emailing requirements.

On a daily basis, users send/receive email messages to fulfill the purpose of official communication. Over time, the email messages form huge stacks, from which it becomes nearly impossible to find the one email message that you need at the very moment via non-ending mouse scroll.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to categorize email messages in Outlook 2016, to make the email message search faster, easier, simpler, and sorted by default, followed by some talk on why you should use Outlook Categories feature.

Benefits of Creating Categories in Outlook

With a focus on simplifying varying work requirements, Outlook is bundled with lots of features such as “Categories.”
Setting up Categories in Microsoft Outlook can help the users in the following ways:

  1. Those who receive email messages more than usual can bundle the emails received by a specific sender.
  2. Bundling email messages will shorten the long and unending list of emails messages.
  3. Assigning the category with color will help in visualizing the mail group, facilitating faster & easier navigation to emails from a specific sender.
  4. It also can help in categorizing items according to project, topic, and activity.

Categorize Email Messages in Outlook 2016

Now that you’ve understood the benefits associated with “Outlook Categories,” let’s jump on to the part where we can start creating an email message category, with detailed steps.

It’s a three-step process: Create Category, Assign Email Messages to Category, & View/Open the Category.

  1. Create Category
    • Open Outlook.
    • Move to Home tab and click on Categorize.
    • Move to Home tab and click on Categorize.

    • Click on All Categories.
    • Click on All Categories.

    • Color Categories window would pop on-screen, click on New.
    • click on New

    • Add New Category wizard will appear. Type in the category name (Mail from Microsoft) – as per your preference.
    • Add New Category wizard will appear
      Note: Select a suitable name for the category you’re creating.

    • Now, click on the Color drop-down, and select a color (Blue).
    • select a color (Blue)
      Note: You can select any color from the given colors, as shown above.

    • Additionally, you can assign a hotkey to open the category once it’s made.
    • open the category once it’s made
      Note: Assign different hotkey combinations to different categories, as per your preference, for this guide we’ve set this to one.

    • Now that you’ve given a name assigned a color, and a hotkey (optional) to the category you’re creating, click on the Ok button.
    • click on the Ok button.

  2. Assign Email Messages to Category
    Now that our Category is live let’s assign email messages to it.

    • Right-click on the email message(s) you want to include in the email Category and select Categorize > Mails from Microsoft.
    • select Categorize > Mails from Microsoft.” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3420″ width=”615″ height=”464″></ul>
<li><strong>View/Open the Category</strong>
<li>Click on the View tab and select Categories.</li>
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    • All messages included in this category will now appear on-screen, stacked in a single drop-down.
    • stacked in a single drop-down

Using the manual process, you’ve created an email message category successfully and viewed/opened the items contained within.

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