MP4 is a popular video file format, known for its video quality and flexibility with several gadgets and media players. While playing an MP4 video, the user may face an error saying, “File not found,” commonly known as 404 error. Here, we are going to cover why this error happens and how to overcome it.

The Reasons Behind Error ‘MP4 File Not Found’

There are several reasons why an MP4 file gets corrupt; we are listing a few of those reasons down below:

  • Internet interruption while downloading the video
  • Abrupt shutdown or power loss while playing the video
  • Unreliable sources of download, like suspicious websites
  • A virus in system or external drive
  • Improper conversion of the video to MP4 format
  • Storage media gets full during the video recording
  • Damaged, broken, or corrupt MP4 file

How to Resolve ‘MP4 Video File not Found Error?’

Here we are listing some hacks with which you can fix the error – MP4 Video File not Found:

  • Switch the Media Player -If you are facing File not Found error while playing the MP4 video on a particular media player, then try switching the media player application. It may sometimes happen that the MP4 file does not work with one media player but may work with another. If you have switched between a couple of media players and still nothing has worked for you, you can try another solution.
  • Repair MP4 File to another with VLC Media Player – Although VLC is a media player, it can repair minor corruption issues in video files. You can also try VLC media player’s conversion feature to convert the video format. To do this, download and install the media player on your system, run it, and follow the below-mentioned steps:
    1. In the VLC media player’s home page, go to the Media tab, and then select Convert / Save option.
    2. Now, add the media file you want to repair, and click on the Convert / Save button.
    3. Select a destination and provide the name for the repaired file. From the list of the codec, select a suitable one too.
    4. Click Edit Selected Profile button and make changes to the profile settings as per your requirement. Click Save.
    5. Finally, click on Start to repair the video file.
  • Copy the MP4 File Again

One of the reasons why the user may face this error is the video is not downloaded or copied properly from its source, and hence, it is not working. So, try to download or copy the video again to overcome the problem. If the problem still persists, then go for the next and the final solution to fix this issue.

Fix MP4 Corruption with a Video Repair Tool

Video Repair tool is a video repair utility, that can fix this error in an MP4 video file. It is an automated tool and hence requires no technical skills to operate it. It is very easy to use; let’s find it out.

Download Now

First, download and install the tool properly on your system; for this, you can reach the tool’s website for the download link. Run the software and follow the process mentioned below:

1- In the home screen of the tool, click on the Add icon to add the video file that is showing the error.

Video Repair Tool - Home Screen

2- Browse the corrupt video that is showing the 404 error while opening.

Browse the video file

3- After selecting the video files, click Repair Files button.

click Repair button

4- Provide the location of the saving folder at the Output Location Windows.

Provide the location to save repaired file

5- The tool has repaired the videos and you can get the result your mentioned location. You can also save the report in the CSV format.

save the report in the CSV format

Finally, click Close button.

After performing this method, the error in the video file will surely be fixed. You can now check the video at the saved location.

Download Now