After all this time, Outlook still manages to surprise us with its splendid features and new add-ons. Microsoft recently released Dark mode option for the Microsoft Office suite, along with dark grey and colorful themes. FYI, this only works on Office 365, Office 2016, and Office 2013. The Dark mode option is not limited to the desktop client as it is also available for Outlook Web app and

Enable Dark Mode in MS Outlook

By default, the Office theme is set to Colorful, but one can also select a White theme. Other than that, we have options like Black and Dark Grey, and the Black theme is also referred as Dark mode. The steps to switch to the Black theme/Dark mode are described below:

    • For Outlook 365 Desktop Client
        1. From the toolbar, select the File > Office Account.
        2. Next, from Office Themes, choose Black.
        3. Press Enter key to exit.

      Note: The new theme will be applied to all of the MS Office apps.

      1. How to Toggle Between Dark Mode ON and Dark Mode OFF?
        It is quite convenient to toggle between Dark Mode ON or OFF while reading messages. This is possible by clicking on Sun/Moon icons located at the top of the message window, as shown below:

          1. Select the Sun icon to change to a white background.

          1. Select the Moon icon to change to a black background.

          1. While composing a message, one can also toggle between Dark mode icons, as shown below:

    • For and Outlook on the Web

It is also possible to toggle between dark mode and bright mode in Outlook on the web. To do so, login to your account. From the setting cog (top right corner) switch the Dark mode on and off as shown below:

That’s all there is to it. It depends on people to people, but Dark mode looks more elegant and unique. More importantly, studies suggest that Dark themes can reduce eye strain in low light conditions as there is a good contrast between the text and the background.

If you want the reading pane to be white, then one can do that by clicking on the Turn on the lights mode.

Note: Also, you can toggle between Dark Mode ON and OFF by going to File > Office Account and selecting Black under Office Theme.

Too Many Features spoils the Tool?

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