“I am a new Outlook user and want to add contacts to my new Outlook profile. I received this contacts list from my office in the form of a CSV file. Now I have to add every contact one by one to my Outlook. But I think that there might be a technique to add all those contacts directly from that CSV file to my Outlook account at once. As I am new to Outlook I don’t know if it is possible or how to do it. Please someone let me know if it is possible or not. If possible, then how to do it?”

Outlook is a popular email client and email manager that allows its users to save other items too. These items could be contacts, journals, tasks, notes, etc. The above query the user has raised is appropriate and it is possible to import all those contacts into Outlook at once. Any type of data which is saved in a spreadsheet or database can be easily imported into Outlook. In this blog, we are going to discuss how one can import contacts from a CSV file into Outlook. Let’s proceed.

How to import contacts from a CSV file into Outlook?

We are going to mention one of the best options with which one can easily import contacts to Outlook. Let’s get started.

  • Import contacts with the Import/Export feature in Outlook

    Well, in this case, we are going to use the Import/Export method to import your precious contacts from a CSV file into Outlook programs. Just follow these easy steps mentioned-below and import contacts safely:

    1. Start with opening Outlook in your system.
    2. In the upper left corner of the program you will find a File menu; click on that.
    3. There click on the Open & Export category and click on Import/Export option there.
    4. Now select Import as your choice to go.
    5. As you choose the function, a dialogue box stating Import and Export Wizard will open. Now, you need to select Import from another program or file. Click on the Next option to proceed further.
    6. In the next step, select Comma Separated Values as your go to move, and click on the Next button to continue.
    7. Now, in the Import a file dialogue box, click on the Browse button and select the file. Here, you can select from the given options to customize the import preferences. Click on Next once all is done.
    8. Now, it’s time to select an Outlook folder where you want to import the contacts. Select is as per your desire and click on the Next button to proceed.
    9. At this stage, click on the Map Custom Fields option.
    10. Now you can start mapping all the columns to the preferred Outlook address book. This is totally up to you, how you want it to be; once satisfied, click on the OK button.
    11. Finally click on the Finish button to start the import process.
    12. Wait until the process ends; once it ends, all your contacts from the CSV file will be imported to the Outlook.

How to recover inaccessible contacts and other items from Outlook?

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In this bog, we have discussed how one can import contacts to Outlook. We used the Import and Export feature of the Outlook for the same. Eventually we discussed what to do if you have a corrupt PST or ended up with a corrupt PST. We suggested Outlook PST Recovery to repair the corrupt PST. This tool recovers inaccessible contacts and other items from corrupt PST on your system, without changing anything in it. The tool comes with its free trial version with which one can save 25 items per folder for free. Hope this blog has helped you.