MBOX email clients are well-known but have certain limitations, and sometimes, it becomes necessary to switch to some other email platform. The Outlook is also a well-known email client and has better credibility than any other email platform among users.

Outlook assures better security and features than any other email client, and hence people like to convert MBOX files to PST format. There are many other reasons too for why people go for MBOX conversion, and that is easy-to-use interface, flexibility in work management, support to multiple items, etc.

How to Import MBOX files to Outlook PST?

Here, I have a Thunderbird MBOX file which I want to convert to Outlook 2010 format. So, with Thunderbird email client, I will go for EML conversion first. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start with opening Thunderbird and locate the emails you want to open with Outlook.
  2. Select the desired emails for conversion and right-click on it.
  3. Go to the Save as option and choose the EML option.
    Choose the EML file option
  4. Choose the saving folder location.
    Choose the saving folder location
  5. Once you are done with saving all of the emails, start Outlook.
  6. Now, import the EML files in Outlook 2010 by choosing Outlook as the default app to open EML files.

So, this is how you open Thunderbird emails in Outlook 2010, similarly you can migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2016. But as you can see that you can use this method only when you have a few mails to open Outlook. If you have a large number of emails to import and migrate then this method will be hectic and time taking, so it is suggested that you should go for the automated method for a quicker and better way to import MBOX files to Outlook, just like our next method.

Import MBOX files with MBOX to PST

Importing MBOX file to Outlook PST is the easiest task if you are doing it with MBOX to PST. MBOX to PST is an automated third-party tool that can convert MBOX file to Outlook PST in few easy steps. Let’s know what all steps are involved in this process and how to perform it.

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  1. To start the import process with the tool, start with selecting if you want to migrate a whole folder or just a file. Here I have selected Select Folder.
    Start the process with MBOX to PST tool
  2. Now, click on the Browse button to select the MBOX folder you want to migrate and click on Finish.
    Select MBOX folder to import
  3. Wait for the scanning process to finish, and once it is done, you will see a list of the folder items on the left side of the tool’s screen. Here, you can select the individual items to have a preview on the screen. Once you are done previewing, you need to click on the Save button on the top of the screen to proceed with saving the file.
    Select file to migrate
  4. Now, select PST file (MS Outlook) format as the saving format and, click on Next.
    Select PST as a saving option
  5. At this stage, you can manage the saving options for the new PST file, choose, if you want to split the PST file you are going to create. You can select the desired size for the splitting process and can also attach a prefix to the file if required. Click on Next, once done.
    Select the desired size for the splitting process
  6. In this step, provide a destination to the file by clicking on the Browse button. Select the file and once you are done, click on the Finish button to proceed.
    Select destination
  7. Wait for the saving process to finish and once it is done, click on the Ok button.
    MBOX to PST conversion done

Once you click on the OK button, you can locate the converted PST file in your system exactly where you have saved it during the process.

Final Words:

In this mail, we have tried to open Thunderbird emails in Outlook with two methods. One method which we have used required manual operations, and in that method, you first convert Thunderbird emails to EML format and then we import those EML files to Outlook with drag and drop method. In the next method, we have used a third-party automated tool to do so. We have used MBOX to PST to import MBOX files to Outlook; it took no time. The process was smooth and quick; all MBOX files were imported as they were earlier. This very same tool can also import Apple Mail MBOX files to Outlook PST file, you can go for the trial version of the tool to experience the seamless migration.

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