MS Outlook 2013 users may face sudden Outlook crashes sometimes. And the Application Event Log may have an Event ID 1000 with the ‘Faulting module name’ as KERNELBASE.dll. Let us understand more about the error and the possible solutions.

Reasons of “Kernelbase.dll” error in Outlook

This “Kernelbase.dll” error happens due to two main reasons:

  • Damaged PST File
    Damaged PST files can cause “Kernelbase.dll” error. In such cases, exit the Outlook application and repair your damaged PST file.
  • Outlook Profile is not configured properly
    Outlook crashes and the “Kernelbase.dll” error can happen due to an incorrect Outlook profile configuration too. You can resolve this issue by reconfiguring the Outlook profile.

Solutions to fix “Kernelbase.dll” error in Outlook

We provide you two manual ways to resolve“Kernelbase.dll” error in Outlook.

  • Repair damaged PST using Scanpst.exe
    The Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe is the first and foremost tool to repair the damaged PST files.

    1. Launch the Scanpst.exe tool and use the Browse button to add the damaged PST file.
      Inbox Repair Tool
      Note: You can locate the Inbox Repair tool at “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office (version)\Scanpst.exe” on your system.
    2. The tool scans the PST file and displays the error details. Use the Repair button to repair file.
      scans the PST file
      Note: Before using Repair button, check Make backup of scanned PST file before repairing” and provide file saving path.
    3. When the entire repairing process is complete, you will see this message.finish repairing process
  • Configure a new Outlook ProfileIf the Outlook application crashes due to an incorrect Outlook configuration, you can create a new profile and configure it in Outlook.
    1. Open Control Panel and click on Mail.Control Panel
    2. Once the Mail Setup is open, click the Show Profiles button. Mail Setup
    3. Now, click on the Add button to add a new profile.
      add a new profile
    4. Enter the Profile Name, click on OK.
      Enter Profile Name

Finally, restart Outlook. If Outlook works without any issues, you can remove PST file from the original profile.

Outlook PST Repair

Kernel has an amazing PST Recovery tool for repairing harshly damaged and inaccessible PST files. You can try this Outlook PST Recovery tool if you fail to repair your PST files using the Inbox Repair tool. Unlike the Scanpst.exe, It can also repair large size and password protected PST files. If needed, you can also split your large PST files using this tool.

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