Outlook has become a highly acceptable means of professional email communication. Over the years Microsoft has developed several versions of the same application, each with new feature(s). But tagging along with its several benefits, came in many errors and problems. Out of them, one is the concern of our present write-up. Our present write-up seeks to find out the causes of why “Outlook Not Showing Old Emails 2016” occurs and in case it does, what steps can be followed to avoid such an error or what steps can be used in order that the error is exterminated.

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Initially released in September 22, 2015 and eventually released in its updated version in July 25th, 2018; Outlook 2016 has several benefits explained here below:

  • Outlook 2016 makes it easy to translate a text in the language needed. This can be done in the updated versions, using multiple languages options using ‘Translate Selected Text’.
  • The updated version has a vast diversity of colorful themes as well as other Ribbon Changes.
  • It provides for a ‘Tell Me’ feature which comes with several means to help users.
  • Moreover, it provides other advantages like tablet rotation support, clutter support, etc.

Like all applications, Outlook faces its own errors. The present error however, deals with a problem of a different kind. It is basically, while searching old emails, you just can’t find them!

What is ‘Outlook Not Showing Old Emails 2016’ and How Does It Occur?

Sometimes, the Search feature integrated into the Microsoft Outlook might not work and hence you might not be able to view older emails. Again, many a times you might be able to view only those emails which are more recent, whereas older ones aren’t visible. The Error might be a result of the following:

  • An issue on configuration in your settings.
  • May be due to account inactivity or in case of email rules that might have been set up.
  • if you moved the emails to the Deleted folder.
  • In case your account is hacked, and the mail is deleted.
  • If the Conservation Threading feature is turned on.

But since these errors might recur, steps must be taken to avoid and exterminate it. These steps might be divided into two categories. First being manual and the second being mechanical.

Resolution of The Issue

Manual Methods

  1. Exporting Outlook File
    1. Start the Outlook and follow File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.
    2. Select Export to a File and Click Next
      select Export to a file
    3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst)
      Select PST file
    4. Select the folder from which you wish to export. Click Next
      Select folder for export
    5. Browse to ‘Save exported file as’. Click Finish
      >Save exported file” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-2777″ width=”451″ height=”344″></li>
<p>When finished, you’ll receive an information stating that the export is complete.</li>
<li>Making a New Outlook Profile
<li>Follow <strong>Control Panel >> View by >> Large Icons >> Mail</strong>.</li>
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    6. Click Add
    7. Add the mail

    8. Select create new profile
    9. create new profile

    10. Use the Outlook wizard to configure the new account using an email address and password.
  2. Importing Old Email
    1. Open the new Outlook account
    2. Click File and select Open & Export
    3. Click Import/Export
    4. Select Import from another program or file
    5. Click Next
    6. Select Outlook Data file (.pst)
    7. Click Next
    8. Click Browse to Find PST file on the location you saved it
    9. Once complete, wait while the history finishes syncing. You receive message saying ‘All folders are up to date. The process is complete.

Mechanical Method

If these manual methods work, well and good but, often; these methods may be time-consuming and might not work. In these case Outlook Recovery definitely comes in handy. Kernel has gained quite a name in the industry and has been able to solve different problems concerning Outlook. The following paragraph elaborates the PST Repair Tool, Its Features and the steps how it can be used.

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Outlook PST Recovery

Outlook PST recovery software is a simple tool designed in such a way that it fixes PST errors and to migrate the same recovered data to diverse email servers which include Exchange, Domino as well as GroupWise. It permits saving to web mails such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and many more. The Tool also provides for the Migration of the PST data to a cloud environment, i.e., Office 365 is also facilitated. It also saves file items that are recovered in different formats (which includes RTF, EML, HTML, as well as MSG). Outlook PST Recovery tool repairs PST Files which are large-sized, that too; without any issue. The Tool furthermore saves PST Emails in different web mails like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, etc. and additionally, recovers deleted messages as well as attachments. Finally, The Tool works on all versions of Microsoft Outlook including 2016.

Having said all the above, let us now proceed to see how the tool works. Follow these steps to fix “Outlook 2016 Not Showing Old Emails” error:

  1. Browse to select the file source PST file you need to repair and click Next.
  2. Source file selection

  3. Read the process information and click Finish.
  4. Read the process information

  5. Select the file or folder from the Folder list. On The right-hand pane there are saving options, Select the Option you need.
  6. Select the options

  7. The output type window opens up, here select the PST file option and click Next.
  8. select PST file

  9. After applying the appropriate filter, click Next.
  10. apply the filter

  11. Manage the settings for the recovered PST file and then click Next.
  12. Manage the settings

  13. Browse location where you want to save the PST file by clicking Browse. Then click Finish.
  14. select the location to save PST file

  15. The Process begins
  16. saving process start

  17. When finished, the information is provided by The Tool. Click Ok.
  18. Finished the process


Are you facing “Outlook 2016 Not Showing Old Emails” error? Don’t panic, follow the above steps and if you have more questions, speak to Kernel tech support team. They are online 24*7 and are always willing to help. You can either email them or chat with them or you may also call them up.

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