As tech freak users are enjoying the performance Windows 8.1 by managing downloads and numerous data. Although system is protected by firewall, antivirus and other security features, but smart malicious software tend to infiltrate the cyber security of the system and makes it corrupt. The level of system corruption may vary from slowing the system speed, corrupting some inbuilt software’s, crash of windows operating system, to sudden system shutdown.

Once system using windows 8.1 as an operating system gets entirely corrupt, the recovery of data needs an immediate attention. Usually recovery of lost data and partitions are done by system professionals who employ sophisticated techniques to rebuild the system software. It involves dedication and time.

To initiate the recovery process, usually the recovery DVD is mounted in the system. Once the DVD is read by optical reader of the DVD player the multiple copies of OS files are migrated to system, consequently the user system reboots. This rebooting happens multiple time so that system files could be perfectly installed.

As the system finally reboots, the entire partitions are also reinstated. However, user must not expect too much at this level because the recovered partition does not contain the retained content/data in it. Yes, the data gets lost. Again, you have to manage the data from backup files that may have concerned files.

Recovering entire content without mounting recovery disk

Recovery of data without employing backup and recovery disk seems impossible for the users. However, there are tool available that claims perfect recovery of HDD and its contents. The entire data will be recovered by such tools but authenticity and reliability of such tools are questionable. Therefore, users are recommended to use only that tool, which is advised by experienced professionals or used by large organizations.

One such tool which is highly acclaimed and advised for recovering data from corrupt system is Windows Data Recovery. It is well scheduled and well organized Windows Recovery software, which has been designed and developed by KDR Tools.

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Windows Data Recovery is the most trusted aide of system professional that perfectly recovers entire HDD content without losing single data. Embedded with powerful and sophisticated algorithm that takes control over entire process, Windows Data Recovery impeccably restores intentional or accidental formatted content. Be it permanently deleted files or files located on hard drive, Windows Data Recovery rescues the target files by implementing different modes and saves them to the specified location. During the ongoing session of recovery process if the user wishes to preview the recovery process then it can be done by utilizing “Preview” option.

To evaluate the efficacy of Windows Data Recovery, you can download the trial version of the tool. This version is freely available and works like licensed version. However, it refrains user from saving the recovered file. The saving option can be freely exercised after purchasing the licensed version of the tool. It comes with life time validity and all time technical support.

As a user you are free to choose between two versions of Windows Data Recovery; however, choosing licensed version of tool is appreciable. Apart from Windows 8.1, Windows Data Recovery supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT and 95. It also supports Windows Server 2012/2008/2008R2/2003R2/2003.

Thus, making selection of right Windows data recovery tool, you can rescue your data from getting spam.

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