Microsoft Outlook has earned its reputation as the best email client because of its innovative features and the capability to handle multiple types of email accounts single-handedly. In the left-hand pane of Outlook, you can see the numerous accounts, and each account will have its separate mailbox. But recently, some Outlook users who are our clients started to complain that they are not able to download new emails in their account. “I was waiting for some emails from my partner, but I did not get them. My partner is saying that he has sent the emails, but I did not any get any. Now, I am not getting any new mail, but Outlook is not showing any wrong symptom or message.” If you are facing the same issue where Outlook is not receiving or downloading new emails, then you should look for the possible causes and their best solutions. First, you can check whether you have an active Internet connection by opening other online applications. If other online applications are working fine, then there is no issue with the internet, but some other problem is stopping the new emails.

Check Outlook Email Settings

Multiple settings help Outlook in managing emails efficiently. These email settings need to be verified in case of issues.
  1. Click File in the toolbar.
  2. Click File in the toolbar.
  3. Click Account Settings, and again Account Settings.
  4. Choose the account, which is not downloading the new emails, then click the Repair button.
  5. click the Repair button
  6. After repairing the account, click the Send/Receive and also Send/Receive All Folder option to reload the new emails again.
  7. click the Send/Receive and also Send/Receive All Folder option
  8. In the same Send/Receive tab, you should click the Download Preferences drop-down, then click the Download Full Items option. It will make sure that all the elements of the emails are downloaded completely.
  9. lick the Download Full Items option

Check Mail Server Settings

When Outlook has all the settings properly configured for the account, then you should look for the Mail Server settings. The email provider should check both the incoming and outgoing email server. There are several checking tools present within several mail servers like Google, Exchange Server, and others. These reporting tools can bring out issues that may be stopping the emails from loading to the account.

Get the new password

If you are using an Exchange account, the account is created by the administrator. Later, the credentials are given to you to access Outlook. Sometimes, the administrator may have changed the account credentials due to security reasons. You should consult with the administrator and ask for the new credentials. Later, you can change the older password with a new password.

Automatic download of the images

If the incoming messages are showing their text but not the images, then you can change the settings for the images.
  1. Click File, then go to Options.
  2. Go to Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings.
  3. click Trust Center Settings.
  4. In the Automatic Tab, uncheck the tab in front of ‘Don’t download pictures automatically in standard HTML email messages or RSS items.’ Then click, OK.
  5. click, OK.

    Reconfigure the Outlook profile

    Sometimes, the Outlook account gets frozen due to any reason, and no manual attempt can change the situation. You have no other option but to reconfigure the profile by removing it entirely and then adding it back with the proper credentials and settings.

    Repair the corrupt PST file

    The entire data of Outlook is saved in its PST file. So, when the PST file is facing any corruption or grows beyond a manageable size, it may face multiple problems. Not accepting new emails is one symptom of it. You should run the ScanPST tool and check for possible corruption. Also, you can think of trying professional PST repair solutions. Final Words Outlook application is an essential tool for email users. When an Outlook PST file faces corruption, you should not be dependent on the manual approaches but instantly use the Kernel PST Recovery tool. The software can handle any physical or logical corruption and remove it from the PST file. Even the deleted items will be recovered quickly. Later, you can save the essential data back in another PST file with the available filter and saving options.

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