This concluding part includes all the post-migration jobs which users can utilize for their benefits.

Let us understand how to perform post-migration jobs.

Instant Solution - Kernel Migrator for Exchange

Exchange/Office 365 migrations are quite easy with professional tools like Kernel Migrator for Exchange. This tool helps to manage mailbox and public folder migrations involving different Exchange versions and deployment types. Also, this tool helps with all tasks starting from the pre-migration analysis to the preparation of reports after the migration.

Post Migration Jobs

The jobs that user can perform after successful Office 365 to Office 365 migration are –

  • Outlook Rules Migration
  • Outlook Folder Permissions Migration
  • Report Console

Let us go through the functions and understand them one by one.

Outlook Rules Migration

Once the Office 365 to Office 365 migration is completed, you can directly migrate Outlook Rules from the Source to the Target client using this tool

Now, carry on the job with the following steps.

  1. Click Outlook Rules and Permissions option from the left panel. Select Rules Migration and click + to add a Rules Migration job.
  2. Select your Project Name from the drop-down list for which the Rules Migration job is to be created. Then, click Start.
  3. A dialogue box asking for confirmation will be displayed. To confirm, click Yes.

  4. A wizard with Rule migration job information is displayed. Click Next to continue.
  5. In the next wizard, the mailboxes are already mapped as you have mapped while adding the job.
  6. Select the desired mailboxes and click Next to start the Outlook Rules migration job.

  7. Outlook Rules will be migrated from Source Office 365 account to Target Office 365 account successfully. You can see Export Details as well. Click Finish to complete the process
  8. Hence, Outlook Rules are migrated from Source to Target successfully.

Outlook Folder Permissions Migration

Similarly, you can migrate Outlook folder permissions from your Source Office 365 to Target Office 365 easily with this Office 365 to Office 365 Migration software.

Just select Folder Permissions Migration from the drop-down. Click + button to add the folder permissions migration job.

All steps are the same, except that Source and Target mailbox mapping is allowed here. You can map mailboxes for folder permissions as per your requirements. Mapping can be performed through user name, user SID or through CSV.

After mapping, click Next, and your folder permissions are migrated successfully in minimal time.

Report Console

Through Report Console, you can view the detailed status of all jobs created by Kernel Migrator for Exchange.

You can see the report by launching a web browser and visiting the URLs https://localhost/LEMRV/login.aspx and https:///LEMRV/login.aspx (if accessing from any other system)

Enter the URL, and a login page appear. Enter the login details, User Name, and password (set during Report Console Settings in the first part of the guide).

You can see Project Details, Small Report, and Large Report as per your desire. Here is an example of a Large Report for the users.


With Kernel Migrator for Exchange, all types of migration i.e., Exchange to Office 365 migration, Exchange to Exchange migration, and Office 365 to Office 365 migration, become an easy task.

Exchange Migrator software helps users save their time and pre-plan the migration with Pre-migration Analysis facilities. It also facilitates advanced settings. Migration of Office 365 mailboxes and public folders to other Office 365 accounts can be performed in easy, non-complex steps. The users can migrate Outlook rules and Outlook folder permissions and view complete job reports.

Having all such features in a single tool makes Kernel Migrator for Exchange a unique, attractive tool.