In case you are looking at NSF to Outlook conversion owing to high installation cost, high maintenance cost, high training cost of Lotus Notes, there are certain tips that we would like to give you so that you can perform impeccable and simplified NSF to Outlook migration.

But before that let’s gain some knowledge about NSF files.

What is an NSF File?

NSF (Notes Storage facility) is an IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Server file format that stores data in a file which is known as Notes. It contains all the data of a Lotus Notes account like emails, contacts, appointments, documents, user data, calendar entries, and attachments in the binary form. However, the method of storing information in an NSF file can slightly vary from version to version.

An NSF file is often stored on the Domino server or local computer. You can easily download the files stored on the Domino server with the Notes Clients to use it in the offline mode. Also, if you make any changes to the NSF files, Domino Server automatically synchronizes the data to the master database.

Why Migrate NSF to PST?

Some situation requires NSF to PST conversion, which include:

  • MS Outlook being more convenient than IBM Lotus Notes
  • Maintenance cost for Lotus Notes is higher
  • Using a cloud platform for storing data
  • Using multiple email accounts for office or home

Also, MS Outlook offers a lot more features than Lotus Notes. That’s why many businesses prefer converting NSF files to PST.

Tips that you should follow before migrating NSF to Outlook are as follows:

Proper Planning: The first and foremost thing you should do before migrating emails from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook is that you should go for a proper planning because your entire Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion might go haywire in case you miss on a proper planning. So, a proper planning before actually migrating from NSF to Outlook is a must.

Proper Backup: Taking a proper backup of NSF files is equally important as proper planning. Before you actually start performing NSF to Outlook conversion, you must take a proper and valid NSF file backup. A valid and proper backup safeguards your data as it may so happen that the process of email migration may fail and your .nsf files might get damaged and become corrupt and you become empty handed.

Configure Outlook email client: Before you start the process of migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook, we would suggest you to configure the new email client. By configuring the new email client, you would be able to analyze that the converted .pst files are error free or not?

Proper training to the employees: Yet another tip is that you must impart a proper training to all the employees in your organization who would be using the new email client i.e. Outlook. By giving a proper training, you can make sure that your employees would be able to easily and efficiently work on the new email client i.e. MS Outlook.

Numerous NSF to Outlook conversion tools are available in the market for you. Pay due attention and care while selecting the NSF to Outlook migration tool.

NSF to PST is a professional, proficient, and powerful Lotus Notes to Outlook migration tool that has the capability to easily and efficiently convert NSF to PST files.

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