If you are considering saving the Outlook emails on a local or external hard drive, then you are not the only one thinking of doing so. Many Outlook users follow this approach to make their Outlook experience more secure and safe. Saving Outlook emails on a drive is easy, and it is a convenient method to make your important emails safe and accessible. We are going to discuss ways with which we can save Outlook emails directly on a drive. But let’s first discuss why it is worth taking the pain to do so.

Why do you need to save Outlook emails to a local or external drive?

There are many benefits for transferring Outlook emails to a local or external drive.

  • It is the best way to secure everything you want to hold on to.
  • Saving Outlook emails on another drive works as a backup.
  • It makes emails and other data less vulnerable to loss.
  • It is the best option when you are left with less or no space in your existing drive.
  • You can access the emails from another system just by connecting the hard drive.

Save Outlook Emails on a Local or External Hard Drive

There are different ways to save Outlook emails to a local or external hard drive, and we are going to discuss all of them one by one. To save Outlook emails on an external hard drive, make sure that the drive is connected to your system and follow any of the below-mentioned methods.

  • Save Outlook Emails with Import/Export Feature

    One way to save Outlook emails to another drive is by using the Import/Export feature.

    1. Open MS Outlook and click the File menu on the top left corner.
    2. Now in the File menu, select the Open & Export category and click on the Import/Export option.
    3. In the Import and Export dialogue box, select the Export to a file option and click on the Next button.
    4. In the next window, select Comma Separated Values as the option and click on the Next button.
    5. Now select a folder and click on Next.
    6. In the next step, click on the Browse button to give an export location (in your hard drive); click Next.
    7. Click now on the Finish button to finish the export process.
  • Copy the Outlook Data File Location from Its Location

    You can copy the Outlook data file directly from the location where the data file is saved on your system. For this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

    1. Open Outlook and then click on the File menu.
    2. Click on Info in the File menu and select Account Settings from the given options.
    3. Now, in the Account Settings dialogue box, click on the Data Files tab and select the data file you wish to transfer.
    4. Now simply click on the Open File Location button given just above the account list. You can also write the path and open it manually on your system.
    5. Once the data file location is opened on your system, copy the file that you want and paste it on your drive.
  • Save a Single Email

    If you do not wish to save the entire data file, then you can save selected emails by following the below-mentioned steps:

    1. Open Outlook and go to the email you want to save.
    2. Once the email is open, click on the File tab on the top left corner of Outlook.
    3. Now in the File menu, click on the Save as button.
    4. Select the preferred hard drive and click Save.
    5. Once done, check for the saved folder in your hard drive.

    Similarly, you can select multiple emails and proceed with following the same steps to achieve the desired results.

  • Save Outlook Emails on the Hard Drive with an Automated Tool

    Apart from manual methods, you can also consider using an automated tool that can simply save Outlook emails from the data file to a local or external hard drive. The tool is easy to use and can also come to an aid to fix a corrupt or damaged PST file. With this tool, you can save single or multiple PSTs on a hard drive. Not only this, but it can also convert the existing PST to many other formats and can also migrate them to other email clients and web servers.


So, this is how you can save emails in Outlook, here are some more tips to save emails in Outlook.


In this blog, we have discussed how one can save Outlook emails on a local or external hard drive. In the process of saving Outlook emails on the hard drive, we have followed various methods and finally ended up using an automated tool as one of the methods. We used Kernel for Outlook PST Recovery to save emails, and we have also discussed numerous benefits of the tool and the situations where it can be used.