Efficiency is an essential factor for a business. An organization is effective if it can create, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly. Having access to productivity tools that allow users to do their tasks efficiently from anywhere makes an organization agile and gives an edge over competitors.

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular cloud-based productivity suites that offers many tools, features, and applications for businesses to enhance the user’s ability to work, communicate, and collaborate. It includes a wide range of productivity apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, together with several other capabilities, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, Skype, Teams, Yammer, and much more. With 180 million monthly active business users, Microsoft 365 provides everything you need for your business.

Here, in this blog, we will know why Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a must-have tool for every business and how it can boost business growth. We also discuss significant features or benefits of Office 365 that will transform the way you and your employees work.

Major Advantages of Office 365

Office 365 is not just a set of productivity tools but a platform that ensures an intelligent way of working. Let’s discuss some major benefits of Office 365 and why it is perfect for businesses.

  • Ability to Work Remotely
    Many events in the past have highlighted the importance of remote working and why it is necessary to give employees the set of tools to stay productive while working from home. Office 365 allows you to connect to your office anytime, whether you are at home, out of the office, or elsewhere.

    It is entirely cloud-based, which means you can access your emails, files, and Office programs on any device from any location. Even you can work on the document stored within Office 365 without internet connectivity, but once a connection has been re-established, you need to sync your files.

    With the workplace changes currently occurring, Office 365 makes collaborating easier with many remote and flexible working features.

  • Collection of Tools for Efficient Working
    Office 365 gives you access to all the tools your business needs to manage remote working and attain continuous growth. Some of the tools are listed below:

    • Office Suite: It is a collection of some of the best Microsoft apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.
    • Exchange Online: It consists of your email and calendar.
    • SharePoint Online: It’s an online web portal for your business to store, share, and collaborate on documents of different teams.
    • OneDrive: It’s a cloud storage space for your business.
    • Yammer: Tool for connecting employees and communicators to build communities, engage everyone, and share knowledge.
    • Power BI: It’s a business intelligence tool that provides new insights to make smart decisions.Office Suite
  • Provides Robust Security
    The common thinking about the cloud is that it is not safe, which is completely wrong with Office 365. It offers business-class security and compliance as standard because Microsoft itself takes all the responsibility for security and reliability. Some of the most significant security features in Office 365 are:

    • Email Encryption: This allows you to send encrypted emails so that no one can open them except the recipient.
    • Data Loss Prevention: This allows you to identify, monitor, and protect critical information or data in your Office 365.
    • Mobile Device Management: This allows you to control Office 365 on your employees’ devices to protect company information. Even if the laptop or mobile device gets stolen or lost, you can remotely wipe out all the data.
    • Advanced Threat Analytics: This unique feature helps you identify and detect any suspicious activity in real-time to reduce the risk of damage. It scans emails and prevents them from getting in if they find anything dangerous, such as malicious links or attachments. Overall, it prevents your business from any suspicious activity.

    These are only a few security benefits. Some other benefits include Exchange Online Protection, Multi-factor Authentication, and Threat Management to ensure Office 365 keeps your organization secure.

  • Enhanced Communication
    Office 365 comes with an excellent tool for communication named Teams. It is more than a chat platform and offers some advanced features such as:

    • Chat Function: It allows individuals, teams, and groups to do instant messaging
    • Teams & Channels: These are options for conversation among teammates
    • Online Meetings: It can host up to 10,000 users. Teams allow people from outside to join the conversation and offer popular features like scheduling and in-meeting chat functionality.
    • Integration with SharePoint and OneDrive: Every file shared on teams’ conversations is automatically saved to a document library folder and can easily be accessed via SharePoint.
    • Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing: It allows employees and clients to collaborate seamlessly via video calls and share their screens if needed.
  • Centralized Collaboration
    Live collaboration on documents is an effective feature of Office 365, and the tools such as SharePoint make it easier. SharePoint allows information or data to flow seamlessly and offers centralized storage for all documentation. Employees can share links to documents and work simultaneously with others. Multiple users can edit, and update documents using Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in real-time. Even you can identify who is in.

    Office 365 offers a few other collaborative benefits, such as users can share their calendars, mailboxes, and contacts with other employees. Sharing calendars allows others to see when others are available, which helps schedule meetings.

Multiple Licenses and Plans

Office 365 is a subscription-based program where the cost of your subscription depends on the features and applications you choose for your business. Upgrades are part of your subscription, which means you will continuously operate the latest version of each application and don’t need to spend extra.

Office 365 offers various licenses and plans; you can select any one based on your business requirements. It also provides tailored packages means you have the flexibility to change plans and users. You don’t need to pay for what you do not use.Multiple Office 365 Licenses and Plans

How to Migrate to Office 365?

To migrate to Office 365 easily, we have a professional tool named Office 365 migration. This tool offers effortless and quick migration between Office 365 tenants too. Its simple user interface makes the migration process quick and easy without data loss or deletion. It allows migration of unlimited mailboxes, public folders, met, hierarchy, archive mailboxes, etc. Overall, it is the best data migration tool for Office 365 migration, with complete integrity protection.



There are several benefits to Office 365, greater flexibility, productivity gains, enhanced collaboration & communication, and reduced cost. It offers proper tools and applications to keep your business operational and drive it forward while working from anywhere. Office 365 offers multiple business plans and licenses; even you can change your plans according to business needs. And if you want to migrate to Office 365 easily, you can try Office 365 Migration, a professional tool for all Office 365 migrations.