Recently hit by the issue where your Outlook application is not receiving any email! You are browsing the right page. Go through this article to get perfect solutions for this problem.

Some Information About the Issue

Exchange of emails in Outlook is the prime function performed by the user. Sometimes, users experience a bizarre situation where users do not receive any emails even after confirmation by the sender. This problem relates to many users once in a while and follows with some internal Outlook issues, which can be fixed with proper handling. Users can try refreshing the Inbox at first, but if that is no help, they can go for different solutions we will be discussing in this blog.

How This Problem Occurs?

The “Outlook application not receiving emails” is a troublesome situation that halts the user’s ongoing work and refrains him from getting crucial information through the medium of incoming emails.

Let us know about some potential reasons as analyzed by users and experts after performing many hits and trials.

  • No or very poor internet connection
  • Outlook email rule is set previously
  • Outlook set with offline settings
  • Corrupt Outlook profile
  • Emails are storing in some other Outlook folder (Junk, Spam, or Other Folder)
  • Oversized or no storage space in the Inbox folder
  • Faulty Add-ins in Outlook
  • Wrong POP/IMAP settings in Outlook

The above reasons explain that the problem can be resolved after following primary solutions like-

  • restart the Outlook application/system.
  • Create a new profile in Outlook.
  • Refresh the Inbox folder.
  • Click on the Send/Receive option.
  • Check Internet Connectivity (navigate to Send/Receive>Preferences>Work Offline).
  • Disabling Windows Defender Firewall from the Control Panel and Antivirus.

After trying these basic solutions, if you are still not receiving Outlook emails, then head to the next section for your trials and perfect solutions.

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Check Different Outlook Folder for Emails

First, check your Inbox Filter is set to All by clicking on the Filter option against the Inbox folder in your PST mailbox. Then, go to folders like- Spam folder, Junk folder, or Other (when using

If emails you find are available in the Junk or Spam folder, right-click on the email and select the Not Junk option. In the following dialogue box, select the checkbox and click on OK to shift the email to your Outlook Inbox folder. Users can also stop junk emails in Outlook by own.

Outlook users can also remove filters applied on Outlook by checking default view settings in Outlook. For that, go to View>Current View>Customize Current View>Filter>Clear All. Next, click on the Send/Receive option to find emails in your Inbox folder.

Confirm for Any Outlook Rule

It is essential to check if any Outlook rule is set by you or another user previously, filtering incoming emails to another folder or acting as per some set condition. Follow this process.

  1. Open your Outlook application and follow File>Manage Rules & Alerts.
  2. The Rules and Alerts page will get opened. Under the Email Rules tab, check for any faulty Outlook rule responsible for diverting your emails. If there, unselect the checkbox against it and click OK.
  3. It will disable the set Outlook rule, and now your problem is resolved. Click on Send/Receive option to get your emails back.

Make Space in Outlook Inbox

Due to the oversized Inbox folder in Outlook or not enough space for new email storage, the problem may occur. To clear space in your Outlook mailbox, you can manually delete emails from Deleted Items, Junk Emails, or other unimportant folders. Another option is to archive old emails, compact Outlook PST files, using Outlook Tools like Mailbox Cleanup, Empty Deleted Items Folder, and Clean Up Old Items.

Outlook cached Files stored on the system can also trouble the Outlook functioning and be deleted to check the effect.
First, open the Windows Run box by clicking on the Windows and R keys together. In the opened Run box, type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and click OK.

opened Run box

The RoamCache folder will get opened. Delete all the available Outlook cache files in that folder permanently. Now, go to the Inbox folder and refresh it to get new emails.

Review Server Settings

It is essential to review the Server settings as if these are incorrect, the problem of Outlook not receiving emails may occur. To check Server settings, follow these steps.

  1. Open your Outlook application and go to File>Account Settings>Account Settings.
  2. Account Settings

  3. Then select your Outlook email account and click on the Repair option.
  4. On the Repair account page, select the second option saying Manual setup or additional server types, and click Next.
  5. Manual setup or additional server types

  6. Next, check the server name and user name for your POP/IMAP account. If incorrect, modify the details.
  7. Then click on Next and finally click on Finish to exit.
  8. Try receiving emails now with the Send/Receive option.

Disable Unrequired Add-ins

As mentioned in the causes, faulty Outlook Add-ins can inhibit some Outlook functioning, including receiving the new emails. So, disable or remove such suspicious Add-ins from your Outlook option with these steps.

  1. Run your Outlook application.
  2. Go to File>Options.
  3. Select and click the Add-ins option from the left panel and Go against the Manage COM Add-ins section in the right panel.
  4. Manage COM Add-ins

  5. Select suspicious Outlook Add-ins and click on the Remove option to delete them or unselect checkboxes against those Add-ins and click OK or disable them in the Outlook application.
  6. Select suspicious Outlook Add-ins

We hope that one of the many solutions explained above helps you resolve the Outlook not receiving emails issue.

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