MS Outlook is the most trusted and widely used email client in comparison to others. It offers some of the most exciting and useful features, hence helping the user in better mail management. Due to these qualities, it has created a niche for itself. Apart from all the positives, it can sometimes give you error messages out of the blue. One such standard error message that a user recently reported to us is error code 0x800ccc1a (see the snippet below).
error code 0x800ccc1a

Causes Behind the Error 0X800ccc1a

Now, let’s look at some of the prominent causes resulting in error code 0x800ccc1a.

  • Malicious Attacks: In most cases, virus attacks are responsible for ill-working and error code popups in Outlook. Additionally, the third-party security tool can hinder the working of scripts in Outlook, further causing conflict issues between Outlook and the Antivirus tool.
  • Improper Shutdown: This is another leading cause not only behind this and other error codes. Any improper shutdown of the Outlook due to power surge or accidental termination (from task manager) can make the files corrupt.
  • Incorrect SSL Port Configuration: Incorrect port numbers for incoming and outgoing servers can cause the error message 0x800ccc1a. The correct incoming port number should be set to 993, and the outgoing should be set to 465. One should also try switching to TLS from SSL for outgoing mails.
  • Improper Outlook Installation: Not following the standard installation process can cause you to trouble, later on, I the form of error codes and crashing or hanging.

Solutions to Resolve Outlook Error 0x800ccc1a

To resolve Outlook error code 0x800ccc1a, we have devised a few manual methods, which are listed below:

Method #1: Reconfigure the SSL Port Configuration

Reconfiguring the SSL port configurations with the right settings might help to get rid of the error mentioned above code. The step-by-step process is mentioned below:

  1. Launch the MS Outlook application.
  2. Go to the File tab > click on Account Settings > Manage Profiles Manage Profiles
  3. This will open up a Mail Setup window. Click on the Email Accounts settings.Email Accounts setting
  4. This will open up the Accounts Settings window. From the Email tab double click on the email account as shown below:Email Accounts Settings
  5. Double-clicking the email account should open the Change Account window. Now select More Settings.Change Account
  6. This will open up the Internet Email Settings window. Depending on your email provider, one should enter the IMAP/POP and SMTP settings accordingly. Some of the prominent email providers, along with the correct settings, are described below:
    Internet Email Settings
  7. For this example, In the case of a Gmail account, the Internet settings should look like, as shown below in the snippet.

    Gmail account setting

  8. Click OK to proceed.

Method #2 Use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Another Manual Technique to Repair PST files is the ScanPST.exe utility which is an inbuilt tool that can be used to repair corrupted PST files. It is an extremely beneficial tool for resolving errors related to PST when nothing else works. The detailed process to repair the PST file is given below:

  1. Depending upon the Outlook version, Scanpst.exe tool can be found here-
  2. In Outlook 2019: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
    In Outlook 2016: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
    In Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
    In Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
    In Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12
  3. Launch scanpst.exe
  4. Select the Browse button to look for the .pst files. Also, the PST files can be found here (inside the Documents folder)-
    C:\Users\user\Documents\Outlook Files

  5. The tool will now check for consistency.
  6. If any inconstancies are found, then click Repair.
  7. If successful, then you will be prompted with the following message.
  8. Open the Outlook and try to access the repaired file.

Note: The tool fails to deliver results when the PST file is severely damaged.

Method #3 Windows System File Checker

Windows system file checker tool is used to find and fix broken Windows files. The detailed steps are listed below:

  1. Click + X keys. Then select Command Prompt (Admin) option.
  2. In a new Command Prompt window, Enter the following command:
  3. sfc /scannow
  4. The System File Checker will now initiate. Once finished, you will see the following message:

Outlook PST Recovery

Outlook PST Recovery tool is the most reliable solution to repair PST files. It can repair severely damaged PST files irrespective of the file size. The tool successfully saves all the PST file content to healthy PST file and different destinations such as live Exchange, Office 365, and different webmail clients. A snippet of the interface is shown below.

Kernel Outlook PST Repair tool

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