Outlook, being a popular email client, needs to update its Address Book as well as per the demands and requirements of its users. We bring you here a sophisticated manual way to import Windows contacts folder to Outlook.

Windows Contacts folder is located at the User directory on you system. The contacts get stored here automatically if any user has been using the Windows Mail in Windows Vista or earlier. The contacts file compatible for Window is .VCF and you can import it anytime to your Windows Contacts folder and view or edit the contacts’ information anytime. Any contact within the Windows Contacts folder is viewed as “.contact” after the contact name. For example “Jack.contact”.

Why there is a need to import contacts?

When any Outlook user wishes to add certain contacts available on his system to his Outlook application which he may be using for personal or professional use, he needs to import the contacts from Windows Contacts folder. He may like to share some information to the respective contacts. So it becomes necessary to import Windows Contacts Folder to Outlook Contacts.

Complete Procedure to Import Windows Contacts Folder to Outlook Contacts

If you want to move contacts from your Windows Contacts Folder to Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder using manual process, then here is the complete process for you.

Important: For Outlook versions 2007 and 2010, there is an in-built feature to import contacts directly (using from Window Mail option); for the rest of the Outlook versions, the user needs to export Windows contacts to CSV file and then import it to Outlook application.

This process is basically divided into two stages.

  1. Export Windows Contacts to a CSV File
  2. Import Contacts in the CSV File to Microsoft Outlook

Export Windows Contacts to a CSV File

Follow on the steps one after another as explained below:

  1. Go to the user directory on your system and double-click on Contacts folder to open it. Just click on Export option from the toolbar. In the Export Windows Contacts dialogue box, select CSV (Comma Separated Values) option and click Export.
  2. Export Windows Contacts
  3. Next, click Browse and provide the saving path for this CSV file containing Windows Contacts information. Click on Next.
  4. provide the saving path for this CSV
  5. Select the fields which you want to export and finally click on Finish.
  6. Select the fields to export
  7. You will get a message that your contacts have successfully moved to the specified location.

Importing Contacts in CSV Format to Microsoft Outlook

The second stage is importing Windows Contacts CSV file into Microsoft Outlook. For this, we are going to utilize the Import and Export feature within the Outlook application. To import contacts from a CSV file in Outlook, carry out these steps.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook application. Go to File>Open & Export>Import/Export.
  2. From the Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file and click on Next.
  3. From the Export to a File wizard, select Comma Separated Values and click on Next.
  4. From Import a File dialogue box, browse and add the CSV file created earlier (containing Windows Contacts). Select desired option for duplicates and click Next.
  5. Next, select Contacts as the destination folder from your PST mailbox and click on Next.
  6. Here, you have options to Map Custom Fields and Change the destination. Use it if you need and finally click Finish.
  7. The import process of Contacts gets started. Wait until it get finished.

This is it, the manual way to import Windows Folder Contacts to Outlook Contacts. The method is a helpful way to move contacts from a Windows system to Outlook PST file.

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