‘This video cannot be played.’

You must have often encountered such an issue while playing an AVI file.

An AVI or audio video interleave is a multimedia container format that was introduced by Microsoft in 1992. As the name suggests, it interleaves or mixes the video and audio data to work together in perfect synchronization.

Consequences of a Broken AVI File-

Like any other multimedia file, an AVI file is also susceptible to corruption, which results in in-

  1. Inability to play the video file.
  2. Continuous interruptions while playing the video.
  3. Mismatch of video and audio.

AVI Index-

An Index is a group of rules that allows making changes in the video playback during rewind, fast forward, and pause functions. However, the AVI file often becomes unplayable due to a broken or missing AVI index. The broken AVI index issue can be smoothly fixed manually or using a video repair tool.  

Avoid AVI Index Corruption-

As they say, “Precaution is better than cure.” It is always better to have awareness about the reasons to avoid the corruption of the AVI index.

These are certain steps that you can take to avoid any corruption if the index-

  1. Don’t pause in between while downloading or transferring the AVI files.
  2. Editing the AVI files using unreliable tools.
  3. Media player not supporting playing AVI files.
  4. Downloading or transferring video from/through unreliable resources.

Repairing the AVI Index Using VLC Media Player-

The VLC media player is a popular multimedia player which PC users widely use. It also has the unique ability to resolve minor AVI Index complications.

STEP 1 – Install VLC Media Player on your desktop/laptop.

STEP 2 – On the menu bar, click on the Tools option. A dropdown menu will appear. Go to Preferences.

VLC Media Player

STEP 3 – Click on Inputs/Codecs.

STEP 4 – In the damaged or incomplete AVI file section, select Always fix.

select Always fix

STEP 5 – Finally, click Save, and your AVI errors will get resolved.

When you open any damaged AVI files, the VLC media player will automatically fix the file and play it. However, the VLC media player repairs the file only while playing it, which is a temporary solution.

For a better and permanent solution, it is preferable to use a professional tool to repair broken or missing video files.

Repairing AVI Index Through Video Repair-

Video Repair is a prominent tool that can be used to fix and play the AVI files. With the help of this tool, you can repair all kinds of inaccessible and corrupted video files.

It has an easy-to-use and simple interface, which makes it ideal for beginners. Just follow these simple steps, and it will be a cakewalk –


STEP 1 – Download the trial version of the tool, and if you like it, you can easily upgrade to the premium version by purchasing it online.

STEP 2 – Launch the tool and click on the plus sign – ‘+’ to open the folder which contains the broken files.

open the folder which contains the broken files

STEP 3 – Select the broken video files and click OK

Select the broken video files

STEP 4 – The tool has uploaded the selected video files. Now, click on Repair Files.

Repair File

Note: For highly corrupt video files, you need to add a healthy reference file too.

STEP 5 – Choose the location where you want to save the recovered video files.

Choose the location to save

STEP 6 – You can see the status of the files changing from Processing to Success. When finished, select close and the repaired files will get saved at the specified location.

Process Completed

The video files will now be fixed permanently without the quality of the videos getting hindered. Not just the AVI files, the Video Repair software is capable of repairing all the video file formats that work in Windows environment, such as MP4, MOV, MPEG, MJPEG, MTS, M4V, M4A, MKV, AVCHD, WEBM, ASF, WMV, FLV, DIVX, 3G2, TS, 3GP, F4V file formats.


Conclusion –

This article helps users to repair any broken or missing AVI index files and ensures that they are able to play the files with much ease, without any interruptions. Any corrupted file can be fixed temporarily using a VLC media player. But for severely damaged files, video repair is a more suitable solution.