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Rogers & Hardin is the trusted law firm based in Atlanta which is offering professional law and attorney consulting services for last 40 years. The company has gained popular reputation in the services of litigation and attorney assistance and has been an active member of Interlaw community. Rogers & Hardin, embroiled in a situation where one of their employees, R. Scott Dowell, Training Manager required to securely fetch 2 TB of Exchange EDB data from active Exchange Server environment.

Exchange Server recovery tool formidably restored 2TB size of Exchange mailbox items.”

R. Scott Dowell

Training Manager
Rogers & Hardin

Over the years, Rogers & Hardin has been striving best to upgrade its reach over different continents and countries. To sustain highly available communication, the company has deployed robust Exchange Server solutions. In addition, the company administers regularly take backups of critical legal documents shared over email server. But, recently company’s IT Administrator is confronted with critical situation during the backup process of 2TB of Exchange mailboxes. The client approached KDR Tools to resolve the issue.


KDR Tools took over the charge to exhaustively scan the physical and logical connectivity between Exchange Server and email clients. After having a discussion, the client accessed Exchange Administrative console to inspect the Exchange information store, Pub1.EDB, Priv1.EDB, .log files to verify any form of EDB file corruption. Subsequently with the help of PowerShell command prompt, the total number of Exchange mailboxes and their respective sizes were fetched. After assessing the entire email infrastructure, the team concluded that large EDB mailboxes size is the chief reason behind inaccessibility of EDB email items.


After evaluating the problem, the experts wanted to ensure the actual cause that caused the problem. For this reason, KDR team has gathered every single information associated with the Exchange EDB mailboxes that have accumulated to almost 2TB of size. Knowing that the large EDB file sizes is the chief reason behind corruption, KDR team directed the focus to reduce the EDB mailboxes. For this, initially, the team launched Exchange inbuilt eseutil.exe to defragment the mailboxes. Having consultation from KDR team, and after executing the defrag command, unfortunately the client couldn’t gain the accessibility to corrupted EDB mailboxes.

Therefore, the next move was to move the EDB mailbox to another location for checking if the corruption still persists. At the end, for restoring the 2TB size of EDB mailboxes, the team asked the client to install and run Exchange Server recovery tool, which is programmed with an efficient EDB recovery mechanism and intuitive email migration capabilities. The software was installed on the latest client machine to repair and restore almost 2TB size of EDB email items.


KDR Tools performed a detailed analysis on the client’s encountered problem in Exchange Server database. The team suggested to opt for the software solution to fix the entire situation. Exchange Server Recovery tool has conscientiously treated 2TB of EDB mailboxes which can be easily seen in the interactive preview panel results.

The software intuitively scanned and regenerated every single EDB mailbox items while keeping the properties, structure, and formatting of emails aligned. With the provision of multiple email migration alternatives, the software dynamically assisted in facilitating consistent EDB email export to desired live Exchange Server, Public Folders, Archive Mailboxes, Outlook or Office 365 accounts.

However, the team migrated the specific EDB mail items to Public Folders and Office 365 as demanded by our client. Finally, the efforts fulfilled the client’s benchmarks which mainly focuses the complete restoration of 2TB EDB mailboxes without impacting any file system.