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At client’s organization, Josh Nielsen who works as IT Technician faced a problem when he was unable to mount the corrupt database (EDB) as a recovery database using Microsoft Exchange 2010. Despite numerous attempts and spending time of several hours, he failed to restore the operation. This issued had to be resolved on severe priority due to the inability to access the database files stored on the Server.

KDR Tools resolved all restrictions to mount the database in Exchange Server 2010."

Joshua Nielsen

IT Technician
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Joshua Nielsen

The client approached KDR Tools to resolve the issue of corrupt database files that restricted to mount in the server. At each attempt, Exchange Server 2010 failed the operation to mount the public folder/mailbox store in Exchange Server. The issue got exaggerated, when the stored data on the server became inaccessible.

The problem was accompanied with the following error message, when each time the operation was performed to mount the mailbox store database.
Microsoft Exchange Error Failed to mount database 'Mailbox Database'. Mailbox Database Failed Error: Exchange is unable to mount the database that you specified. Specified database: SERVER\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database; Error code: MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=-528)

As a consequence of this error message, the email clients connected with the server got automatically disconnected.


The Exchange error got triggered when the client tried to mount the store in the server. When KDR Tools Experts analyzed the root cause of the problem, then found out that the issue was lying underneath the missing transaction logs. The reason behind this failure and encounter with error message was due to the missing of log file(s), which was not committed to the database.

Here is the explanation by our experts on this issue:

A transaction log is really important file for performing the smooth functioning of Exchange Server, as it records all the updates and modifications occurred in the database. If a log file has been missing or removed before committing it to the database (such as in a case of abrupt shutdown), then it causes troubles in mounting the database in the server.


After evaluating the problem, the experts wanted to ensure the actual cause that resulted in missing of transaction logs. For this reason, it was important to understand whether the database was closed in clean state or not, moreover in technical terms – shutdown in a consistent or inconsistent state. With the help of Eseutil/mh command, the database integrity was clearly verified that the database was in DIRTY SHUTDOWN STATE (Inconsistent).

The experts from KDR Tools recommended to use a foolproof solution (Exchange Server Recovery) to resolve the occurred error with absolute safety and integrity. With the proposed solution, the client was able to single-handedly repair and restore 80GB of data files, and completed the entire operation merely in a single hour.

With Exchange Server recovery software, the client was able to restore corrupt database file information without requiring log files or Exchange services. Also, the tool provided immense flexibility to restore EDB files directly to Office 365 (Exchange Online), public folders & Archive mailboxes.


KDR Tools performed a detailed analysis on the client’s encountered problem in Exchange Server database. The team had then proposed a fully-secured and hassle-free software solution to repair corrupt database files and restore them directly to live/Hosted Exchange Server.

According to the client, the offered solution has shown drastic differences in terms of speed and accuracy, when compared to the use of traditional method.