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Walter Schrabmair, a staff of Medical University of Graz located in Graz, Austria, had unfortunately lost PST email data after unexpected Hard Disk (HD) crash.

Outlook PST Repair tool Successfully Accomplished the Recovery of Corrupted PST File from The Crashed Hard Disk"

Walter Schrabmair

Medical University of Graz
Walter Schrabmair's

Medical University of Graz is a university in Graz, Austria. The core competencies of the Medical University of Graz are: high-standard training and education, research at an international level and continuous improvement of top-quality medicine. Additionally, the orientation toward the bio-psycho-social model is one of the main concerns of the university. Recently, one of their staffs, Mr. Walter Schrabmair lost significant and crucial level of information stored in Outlook emails after unexpected Hard Drive crash.


KDR Tools executed the streamlined approach to understand and get details about the hardware machine on which Hard Disk crash occurred. With the assistance of Technical Support Officer, the team tracked down the hardware specifications and Microsoft Outlook version given by the client to eliminate the doubts over software incompatibility. After detail discussion, the team instructed the client’s in-house technical personnel to run the Hard Disk diagnostic scan procedure using BOOT set up to gather the information about bad sectors and severely damaged file headers.

From the diagnostic reports and other parameters, the team was able to drive to the conclusion that the Hard Drive read/write operation was interrupted because of intermittent power supply which subsequently lead to damage of Hard Drive sectors ultimately resulting in corruption of data residing on those sectors.


KDR Tools team focused its expertise and experience to gauge the intensity of email data corruption resulted from corrupted Hard Drive sectors. As the client had already exhaustively run the Hard Drive repair setup program to prevent the uncontrolled corruption in the hard disk sectors, the team suggested the client to run the PST scan programs on infected Hard Disk in order to carefully fetch the maximum amount of data from corruption but failed to do so due to inaccessibility. Because of the damaged file headers, it wasn’t possible to split the PST file, so it was getting really difficult to have the successful results after running PST compact application.

At the end of our troubleshooting process, with proper discussion and after understanding the entire situation, the client was guided by KDR Tools team to deploy the upgraded and robust Outlook PST Repair tool on the target machine to perform comprehensive PST recovery.


Outlook PST Repair tool effortlessly got interfaced with critically damaged Hard Disk and stringently scanned the Outlook PST data without missing any bits or bytes. To confirm the authenticity of recovered emails, Mr. Walter Schrabmair thoroughly checked the email items from the software’s preview panels, which displayed all PST folders in the hierarchy.

Furthermore, based on client’s request, the team exported all PST data files to cloud Office 365 account without facing any disconnections or errors. In addition, one of the outstanding attributes of the software is that the recovered PST data files are uniformly accessible on latest versions of MS Outlook which includes MS Outlook 2016 and MS Outlook 2013 versions.

At the end, the client was completely satisfied and happy after watching the tool’s performance as it has recovered PST email items from crashed Hard Disk without impacting the email properties, structure, and formatting. Mr. Walter Schrabmair was happy to get back the critical emails containing important business-related information.