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Computer Monitoring Software

A comprehensive tool to monitor and record the desktop activities of employees without their knowledge. It offers multiple amenities – monitoring on the same or different domain, the delegation of viewing rights, notifications, customizable settings, etc.

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Multiple advantages to businesses in terms of enhanced productivity, better employee performance, quality of work, etc.

  • Performs stealth monitoring & recording of all employee activities
  • Monitors computers in the same or different domain and workgroups
  • Recording facility for all or selected computers (for offline monitoring)
  • Delegates viewing rights to various admins for efficient monitoring
  • Independent viewer application that can be installed on computers/laptops
  • Regular notifications and instant messages directly to the employee’s computer
  • Customizable ‘Settings’ to monitor PCs and view recordings as per need
  • Remotely turn-off, restart, or lock the computer under monitoring

How to install Agent Employee Desktop Live Viewer Part -1

Install Agent Employee Desktop Live Viewer

How to Create, Modify, and Delete Administrator AccountEmployee Desktop Live Viewer Part -2

Create, Modify, and Delete Administrator Account

View and Download Employee Desktop Live Activities Employee Desktop Live Viewer Part -3

View and Download Employee Desktop Live Activities

Computer Monitoring Software

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Software Features

See the multiple features that work like a unit and perform seamless monitoring.

Secret Surveillance of Employees Secret Surveillance of Employees

Computer monitoring is done secretly by the tool. Also, you can remotely install computer monitoring software. The employee cannot delete or uninstall it from the computer as the tool is not visible in the Application menu, Control Panel, or Task Manager.

24*7 Surveillance 24*7 Surveillance

After installation, the tool monitors employee computers all the time without any interruption. The monitoring starts automatically, each time the employee logs on to the computer after a shutdown or a restart.

Videos for Offline Monitoring Videos for Offline Monitoring

The Computer Monitoring Software is like a surveillance camera that records the employee screen activities. The recorded videos can be accessed and viewed at any time for offline monitoring. The recording feature of the tool relieves you from the pain of sitting in front of the system all the time for live monitoring.

3 Methods to Include Computers for Monitoring 3 Methods to Include Computers for Monitoring

To start monitoring, an agent setup is required to be installed on the desired computer. And you can install it in three different ways –remotely, using group policy, and manually. All these actions can be performed from the software interface without any technical difficulties.

Unlimited Computer Monitoring Unlimited Computer Monitoring

You can include unlimited number of computers for monitoring. You can add computers in the same domain, different domain, and workgroup for monitoring. You can also add floating devices like laptops for monitoring.

Multi-Screen Monitoring Multi-Screen Monitoring

The Computer Monitoring Software facilitates multi-screen monitoring. So, monitoring is possible even if the employee is working on dual screens.

Regular Notifications Regular Notifications

With this tool, you can send regular notifications to inform the employee that he/she is being monitored. You can choose the frequency of the notification and also customize the message text.

Viewer Admin for Monitoring Viewer Admin for Monitoring

To make the monitoring task of multiple computers easy, you can install the ‘Viewer’ application on multiple computers and create multiple admin accounts which will have the rights to monitor the computers (all or selected).

Act Remotely When Needed Act Remotely When Needed

Although the computer monitoring tool does not make any changes to the employee’s computer, you can lock, restart, and log-off remotely. It helps in critical situations where you need to stop some unwanted actions.

Customize the Settings Customize the Settings

You can customize the Computer Monitoring Software settings to make the monitoring job quite easy. These settings are recording location, video retention settings, picture quality settings, and pop up notification settings. This will help you perform the monitoring task as per your requirements.

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How it works?

Employee Desktop Live Viewer starts monitoring with the installation of a monitoring agent on an employee’s computer.



Use the Employee Desktop Live Viewer on all Windows versions and perform live recording. See more system requirements.

System Requirements
  • Processor equivalent to Pentium IV Processor
  • 128 MB RAM (256 recommended)
  • 100 MB of free disk space
Supported Windows Versions
  • Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8,7, Vista, XP-SP1/SP3, 2000.
  • Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2003 R2.
  • Windows Server System OS - For Server Module.

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Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Multiple computer monitoring
24*7 monitoring
Offline monitoring
Stealth monitoring
Advanced settings
Unlimited monitoring Only for 7 days
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Computer Monitoring Software


Some important questions that are going to help you to understand the software better.

By default, we have set the limit to 7 days after which the videos will be auto-deleted. But you can set the maximum limit to up to 60 days.

The agent installation procedure is quite simple and direct. But if you are facing any problem, then there may be the following reasons:

  • The system is in a workgroup
  • Firewall or anti-virus is stopping the agent installation
  • UAC (User account control) is too high on the desired computer

Yes, you can easily edit the default notification message from Computer Monitoring Software settings.

Yes. You can easily stop monitoring for any computer. In the Agent Configuration wizard, uncheck the ‘Auditing’ status for the computer, and it will turn to the Disabled state. Later, you can check it, and it will switch back to the Enabled state.

Generally, the monitoring will start instantly after installing the agent. But in some cases, you will have wait for approximately 5 minutes.