Kernel for PowerPoint Recovery software

Recovers data from inaccessible PowerPoint files instantly.

  • Recover Data and other Objects: Recover deleted or inaccessible text, formatting and other embedded objects from the corrupt PPT, PPTX, PPS and PPSX files.
  • Recover Animation and Structures: Successfully recovers complete animation and sound effects, images, graphics and OLE objects, and data structures.
  • Recover deleted Slides: Retrieve deleted master slides and slides, headers and footnotes, and hyperlink fields.
  • Two modes of Recovery: Well integrated with two recovery modes: Standard mode and Integrated mode.
  • Easy to use GUI: Nowadays, available with a more interactive and simple GUI.
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited files recovery
  • Electronic Delivery
PowerPoint Recovery Tool Repairs Corrupt PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are well-known to all and everyone use it. Along with a number of advantages, many people face presentation corruption problems also. While working with such corrupt PPT files users become annoyed because they may lose their important data enclosed within the PPT files. But, with the help of PPT recovery software like Kernel PowerPoint Recovery you can resolve all minor & major PowerPoint corruption issues.

MS PowerPoint is popular as the best presentation application program that is used worldwide by corporate, instructors, educational institutes, marketing firms, PR professionals to communicate with their audience. Generally, PowerPoint presentations are used by people for various purposes by including text, images, animations, block diagrams in simple steps which can be easily understood. However, there is high risk of these presentations getting damaged or corrupt due to virus attacks, unforeseen system shutdowns, storage media corruption or power failures.

In such cases, you either require designing the presentation again or may require putting an effort for file recovery. You should use Kernel for PowerPoint File Recovery software to repair and recover your damaged or corrupted power point presentations. Kernel PowerPoint recovery software efficiently repairs .ppt, .pptx, .pps and .ppsx files that got damaged due to bad sectors in the hard disk, abrupt system shutdown, accidental PPT file deletion, malicious virus attacks, media corruptions and software crashes.

The PowerPoint Recovery software tool proficiently repairs the corrupt PowerPoint files with the help of embedded advanced QFSCI (Quick File System Component Identification) algorithms. The Kernel for PowerPoint File Recovery software restore deleted master slides, images, objects, animations, tables, sound files, media player files, basic shapes, word art, stars and banners, callouts and every image object that has been utilized in the creation of presentation files.

Kernel for PowerPoint recovery tool has two PPT file recovery modes; Standard mode and integrated mode.

Standard mode is used for recovering the PowerPoint files having major corruption even when they are big in size. The whole recovered PowerPoint content (images or objects) in some complex cases may be displayed in raw formats which need little efforts to be reorganized as a fresh presentation file.
Integrated mode is used for resolving PowerPoint corruption issues when the data is not rigorously corrupted and it also maintains original structure of the presentation file while recovery. The recovered files, objects, content and images are saved and extracted in a separate folder by the PowerPoint recovery software.

Important: For using Kernel PowerPoint Recovery software successfully, it is suggested that your computer system should have the same MS Office version installed in which the corrupt presentation file was originally created. The higher version of the office can also perform efficiently but might not give satisfactory result.

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Supported Formats

MS PowerPoint versions: 2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95

Operating System

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 and Windows Server 2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003

Minimum Memory Requirement

64 MB

Disk Space Requirements

50 MB of Free Space

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How Kernel for Power Point recovery can help users in eliminating Power Point corruption?

Power Point presentations become inaccessible after virus infection, unexpected computer Shutdown, Server crash and several other reasons. Kernel for PowerPoint recovery swiftly restores Power Point presentation documents that become inaccessible due to any reason.

Can Kernel for Power Point recovery eliminate all forms of Power Point corruption?

Yes, Kernel for Power Point recovery can fix and eliminate all corruption errors of the corrupt Power Point document. Some common PowerPoint corruption errors are listed below:

  • There was an error accessing the file
  • Failed to save target content. Mismatch with source detected. Unable to create target document
  • PowerPoint can't read file
What are file recovery modes of the Kernel for Power Point recovery?

Kernel for Power Point recovery has two inbuilt file recovery modes:

  • Standard mode: This mode is designed to recover highly corrupt PPT and PPTX files of MS PowerPoint.
  • Integrated mode: This mode can fix minor issues of the Power Point file. It saves inaccessible Power Point presentations slides and other data in the new PPT/PPTX file.
Can Kernel for Power Point recovery recover deleted presentation slides of the PowerPoint file?

Yes, Kernel for Power Point recovery can completely recover deleted presentation slides of the Power Point document. It extracts all items such as master slides, primary slides, images, sound files, animations and others from corrupt PPT/PPTX documents.

What file formats are supported by Kernel for Power Point recovery?

Kernel for Power Point recovery restore inaccessible presentation documents that are saved in PPT, PPTX , PPS and PPSX file formats.

Is Kernel for Power Point recovery available for free download and use?

You can download and use evaluation version of the Kernel for Power Point recovery absolutely free of costs. However, you must buy the software license key to save recovered Power Point documents on the computer disk.

Can Kernel for Power Point recovery recover data from the password protected Power Point file?

Yes, Kernel for Power Point recovery can also recovers slides from password protected PPT and PPTX files.

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