Usually, we maintain backup to keep our important data safe from accidental disaster of data loss. The backup utilities used for this purpose are ZIP, Tape, and Backup Exec by VERITAS etc.

The backed up data containing important files and folders can get damaged due to virus attacks, interrupted downloads and backup process, accidental deletions, unrecognized format, unexpected system shutdowns and other unpredictable reasons of data corruptions.

Kernel Backup Recovery Tools allows you to recover data from a variety of formats such as ZIP files, Backup Exec by VERITAS, Tape Formats (DLT, LTO, AIT and DAT) and other backup storage utilities.

Kernel for BKF Recovery
Kernel Recovery for BKF - MS Backup Recovery Software repairs and fixes the errors of corrupted MS backup files.
Kernel for Zip Recovery
Kernel Recovery for Zip - Zip Backup Recovery Software effectively repairs and fixes corrupt ZIP files damaged due to CRC errors, virus corruptions, interrupted downloads.
Kernel for Tape Recovery
Kernel Recovery for Tape - Tape Recovery Software repairs and recovers data from the damaged tape cartridges.t
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