Unix File System is the file system used by UNIX and Unix-based operating systems. Unix based operating systems include Solaris Intel, Solaris SPARC and SCO OpenServer that uses UFS, VxFS, HTFS and EAFS file systems.

Unix or Unix- based operating systems are designed for high- end, large sized mission critical applications like databases, graphics, web development and management files.

Solaris file system is the most secured among all Unix file systems but there are chances when the Solaris Intel, Solaris SPARC or SCO OpenServer might get corrupt due to descriptor block corruption, damage to super block or Inode table, partition structure damage, VTOC corruptions or any other unavoidable reason.

Kernel for Solaris Intel Recovery
Kernel Recovery for Solaris Intel - It is a UFS file system volume recovery software. The software is responsible to recursively scan the damaged Solaris Intel hard drive for missing volumes, locating the data and displaying a list of searchable volumes. During the recovery process, the software verifies the integrity of the corrupt data structures and creates a file tree to recover every bit of data from the lost partitions and deleted files and folders.
Kernel for Solaris SPARC Recovery
Kernel Recovery for Solaris SPARC It is also a UFS file system data recovery software that efficiently recovers all your important data from the damaged and corrupt Solaris SPARC hard drives. The software intensively scans the corrupted hard disk drive and efficiently recovers data from missing or lost files and folders. It also preserves the majority of file attributes in restored files and folders.
Kernel for SCO OpenServer Recovery
Kernel Recovery for SCO OpenServer - SCO OpenServer OS is used in used in scientific, engineering, business or home environment. SCO OpenServer recovery tool helps user in recovering all the important data from the damaged or corrupt HTFS and EAFS file systems.
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