The tools in Kernel Data Recovery range are easy and simple to use which examines your inaccessible hard disk drive for damage and corruption and recovers the data back.


Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

Effectively restores the damaged, corrupted, lost or inaccessible Windows FAT and NTFS partitions. Using the free demo version of windows data recovery utility the corrupt data can be recovered but it can be saved only by using a licensed copy of the software.

Kernel for Virtual Disk Reocvery
Efficaciously performs recovery of lost, damaged and corrupt Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) files. It repairs the VHD files created with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 and Hyper-V easily.
Kernel for iPod Recovery
It is a proficient tool that restores the lost data of iPod. Using this iPod recovery tool, the data from corrupt, inaccessible and frozen iPods can be easily recovered. Also, the software supports recovery from all Apple iPods.
Kernel for Digital Photo Recovery
Proficiently restores the pictures, images or photos that are lost or have become inaccessible from the storage devices including Flash cards, memory sticks, pen drives, XD cards, Micro Drive, thumb drives, MMC cards, etc.
Kernel for Linux Data Recovery
It is an advanced and sophisticated software utility that recovers the lost or deleted data from Linux based operating systems including Turbo, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Mandrake, SuSe, Debian and SCO.
Kernel for Novell Data Recovery
It is effective and efficient tool to restore data from corrupt Novell Netware volume. It fights issues like virus intrusion; corruption of operating system; malfunctioning of hardware or software; corruption of volume table, HotFix Tables, DET or FAT.
Kernel for Macintosh Data Recovery
Efficaciously restores the formatted, deleted, damaged or corrupted data from HFS, HFS+ file systems or initialized Mac hard disks. The software also supports recovering data from memory cards, iPods, and other external devices.
Kernel for Unix Data Recovery
It is a crackerjack solution to restore the deleted, lost or corrupt data from Solaris Sparc system. It helps fight issues like improper system shutdown, super block or inode table corruption, volume table of contents (VTOC) corruption, damaged or deleted partition structures, etc.
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